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Aquafinesse is a reliable and high-quality brand within water treatments. Also known as Special Water Europe BV based in the Netherlands. They specialize in environmentally friendly water treatment methods. Their range is mainly intended for spa and hot tubs as well as swimming pools. Aquafinesse's technology is revolutionary and the results are of a high level and constant.

Why choose Aquafinesse?

At spa and jacuzzi, the water treatment is slightly more difficult than at regular swimming pools. This is because the water temperature is higher at spa and in this way you get bacteria formation faster.
Aquafinesse ensures a stable PH value. These products also break down the well-known biofilm. This biofilm causes bacteria to get stuck on pipes. This way you can have long-term problems. Even after changing the water.

How can I remove the biofilm in my jacuzzi or spa?

Do you suffer from bacteria in your hot tub or spa? Or does the jacuzzi feel slippery?
Then it is best to use Aquafinesse products. The harmless components loosen the biofilm so that the slipperiness disappears.
When changing your spa water, use the SpaClean tablet.

Ultimately, when you use the Water Care SPA kit obtain a perfect result. With this set you can go away for about 6 months. It will greatly reduce or exclude your consumption of other products.

My pool robot does not climb well against the walls of my pool.

Sometimes a swimming pool robot has difficulty raising the walls or not at all. This is rarely, if ever, caused by the device. In almost all cases this comes from a slippery wall.
You can solve this by using Pool WaterCare. This will fix the slipperiness, improve the water quality. And finally, it will greatly reduce your consumption of chemicals.