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What is Fat Boy?

Fatboy was founded in 2002 and can be regarded as one of the largest brands in its target group. At this Dutch company they develop and design everything with a smile. In this way they create high-quality products with functionality and always with a unique, often playful touch. For example, the products often start with a nice original name. Sometimes you can't think of them that crazy yourself.

What is a fatboy original?

The Original van is a bean bag that is a true interior icon. Its 6.8 kilograms of quality and fun colors give you immediate relaxation. This beanbag guarantees comfortable reclining and various positions.
In the meantime there are already some variants developed this bag to meet everyone's needs.

Is Fatboy Dutch?

Fatboy was founded by Alex Bergman and is headquartered in the Netherlands. Their iconic beanbag has its foundation with origins from Finland.
Soon Fatboy became a product name that was and is heard all over the world. They soon needed patents to prevent imitations. They export to more than 65 countries around the world.

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