Hannah Instruments

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Hanna Instruments specializes in water analysis equipment. From complete automatic water treatments until basic pocket meters. For technical questions about these systems, you can always contact Aquatechno.


Hannah Instruments has a history that starts with origins in Italy. Founded by Oscar Nardo, a man with a unique vision and great drive. He managed to expand his family business into an international organization in a very short time. His main driving force has always been innovation combined with reliability and quality.

Meanwhile, Hanna is one of the most important players in the field of analytical instrumentation. The organization consists of more than 50 local sales and service offices. And no less than 4 production sites in Europe and America.

Hanna Instruments specializes in several main branches.
The following were defined as their main groups:

  • Waste water analyses
  • Food industry/HACCP
  • Industry and process
  • Thermometry
  • Agriculture
  • Laboratory
  • Water treatment
  • Universities & colleges
  • Water analysis pool & spa
  • Water analyzes pond & aquarium
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