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Imagilights – company with West Flemish roots.

Imagilight, West Flemish TOP brand of wireless LED lamps for atmosphere in the garden or design table lamps for the hospitality industry exports to more than 100 countries.
Located in Deerlijk near Waregem where our store is located, Imagilights' head office is located in Belgium. The company is known for its beautiful design table lamps but makes a lot of other rechargeable and wireless lighting solutions. From design to production and distribution is done from this headquarters in Deerlijk.

LED lamps and lighting for the hospitality industry.

The LED lamps are of very high quality. This is not surprising given the table lighting is mainly used in the catering industry and must therefore meet the highest quality requirements for intensive, frequent use.

Characteristic original design and innovative wireless LED lamps.

Imagilights is known for their beautiful, original and innovative design and quality. Both for the wireless lighting solutions and mood lighting in the garden as for them table lamps they are very progressive.

Imagilights wireless LED lamps are exported to more than 100 countries.

You will find the many fun and innovative LED lamps from Imagilight in many restaurants, hotels and many private individuals who can appreciate the top quality of these LED lamps with battery.

What are the most sold Imagilights table lamps?

The most sold wireless Table LED lamps are the Imagilights Plisee Glitter LED Table Lamp and the Imagilights Moment series.

 245,00 incl. VAT
 129,95 incl. VAT