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Sunred patio heating specialist.

Sunred is a specialized brand of patio heating. Sunred combines design infrared heating and gas burners with a decent capacity.

Large range of patio heating appliances.

Sunred is a specialist in the terrace heating industry and offers a wide range of products from simple entry-level models to the beautiful design Luxury Royal Diamond series.

Infrared heating and gas patio heating.

The Sunred brand has various products in its range. Namely the Infrared heating systems that are the most economical heating for the terrace. As well as the gas patio heating which are characterized by their very large capacity.

Infrared and gas heating for private and catering terraces.

The infrared radiators as well as the gas heating appliances are of high quality. This makes the IR radiators suitable for private use, but also for the catering industry such as the Sunred Professional Smart Heater 2500 patio heater. Also the Patio heating with gas Propus Lounge 11000 is frequently used in the hospitality industry.

Infrared the healthy ecological alternative

The infrared radiation is also healthy for the body and is comparable to the heat radiation of the sun. This radiant heat is an electrical heater. When you use green energy, this is also the most ecological solution to heat your terrace. This way you can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Delicious warmth on your terrace or in the pool house has become the new standard.

Sunred strives for an optimal outdoor experience.

Sunred street to provide you with an ideal outdoor experience. By combining a beautiful design, ease of use and functionality of the appliances, choosing this brand is the best choice for your patio heating. The products fit into your interior, on the terrace in the garden or, for example, on a catering terrace.

Sunred international player in patio heating.

Sunred is an international player with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Hong Kong.