Side tables

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Side tables are indispensable in the pool house or pool bar. They are very flexible in use and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Side tables for your drink, towel or a mood lamp

Side tables are indispensable in you pool house or interior. They combine nice design keys with functionality. Our side tables can be used both indoors and outdoors. Some are equipped with lighting and music speakers themselves. This way you can quickly leave your smartphone, cup, glass or book safely behind.

What is a side table suitable for?

Usually side tables are used On a lounger or on a lounger in the pool house or on the terrace swimming pool. First of all, you can drink lost, but also you reading book or Sun cream. If you take a quick dip in the pool, you can do it too your clothes on lost.

In the pool house you can use a side table to store a table lamp or mood lamp to set up and thus provide extra atmosphere in it pool house interior.

Modern original design side table from Fatboy

Modern original design side table from Fatboy

Fat boy brick created one practical table with a very simplistic design.
In this way, he quickly merges into the environment. Every type of interior will get away with this beautiful piece. You can place it next to a lounger at the pool or, for example, in the pool house with a beautiful table lamp on top.

Multifunctional side table - The.CUbe

The multifunctional small lounge or bedside table undoubtedly comes from the brand Nikki.Amsterdam.
These products are more noticeable and give the room a huge boost of energy and cosiness. The sublime combination of piece of furniture, relief and sound speaker.

Outdoor side tables are made to last

The side tables for outdoor use are made in plastic, hardwood, aluminum or metal. This ensures that the small tables for a lounge or lounge bed very weather resistant and UV resistant are. The solidity of these side tables ensures that they are also frequently used for inside the pool house or in the living room