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Punctual delivery

Dear Lode, Thanks for the punctual delivery and solution to our problem. Everything seems to work fine! The invoice was probably paid today. Sincerely, MB

MB - 30/01/2017

Beautiful work

Lode, I would like to add that Stein has done a wonderful job here. With a minimum of costs a maximum result. Very satisfied !Mvg,P

PP - 30/01/2017

Thank you for the good service

Dear Lode, my order arrived yesterday, late afternoon. Thanks for the good service. I wish to be able to do business with you in this way in the future. Kind regards and have a nice working day. T.

T. - 06/09/2012

Outstanding service

Dear Mr Kindt, the tablets arrived today. Thanks for this excellent service! Mvg RH

RH - 02/09/2015

Arrived well

Everything arrived well, thank you!! Dr. SL

Dr. SL - 26/08/2015

Quick response

Dear, Thank you for the quick response. I'll keep you informed. Sincerely, JH

JH - 13/07/2015

Thanks for quick response

Dear Lode, Thank you for your quick response. I look forward to the new confirmation! Sincerely, K

K. - 05/07/2015


SATISFIED?YES VERY ! We already knew Flovil, it is a perfect product

FA - 26/06/2015

Rapid intervention

Hi Lode, Thanks again for the quick intervention, and for the service provided I can only rate positively and recommend it to third parties for the time being. BEST REGARDS. SD

SD - 25/06/2015

Everything arrived well

thank you, everything has arrived well last year's products work well: granules and brightness pastilles thank you with kind regards RB Lubeek

RB - 23/06/2015

Package found

Found it ! Thanks! Sent from my iPad

MM - 16/06/2015

Thanks for fast delivery

Dear, I have received my order. Thank you very much for the fast delivery Best regards BC

CB - 12/06/2015

Thank you for the adjustment

Hi Lode, thanks for the adjustment and the service provided. mvg R.

RG - 27/05/2015

Smooth handling

Lode, Thanks for the smooth handling, FL

FL - 26/04/2015

Valuable information

PS: congratulations for the well-arranged website and valuable information! I order chlorine tablets or sticks and the nature 2 pro water treatment cassette from you

DS - 25/04/2015

Thank you for the service

Thanks for the service. Grz S.

SDV - 07/04/2015

Neatly executed

Hi Lode Just an email to report that the excavation work has been carried out 'neatly'! This was done with the necessary respect for the environment (garden, wall, etc.), although this was not so obvious due to the limited space! Mvg CDV

CDV - 28/11/2014

Fast handling

Dear Sir Thank you for the quick handling. regards

CV - 16/09/2014

satisfied with your services

thank you for your email completely satisfied with your services.Yours

BD - 13/08/2014

Order well received

Hi Lode, Just back from vacation. I received the order well. Everything is fine with the pool. Mvg, P.

PC - 10/06/2014

Correct delivery

Good afternoon, We would like to thank you for the correct delivery of the Vortex 4. We are already curious to try it out. Kind regards, C. and L.

C. & L. - 02/06/2014

Delivery went perfectly

Thanks for sending the adapter. The delivery went perfectly – smooth service! The fairlocks is already in use. Sincerely, EDG

EDG - 22/05/2014

Perfect service

Ok thanks for the perfect service Best Regards. GG Manager.

GG - 23/05/2014

Order & delivery very good!

Dear Lode The order & delivery was extremely good! Never had a company where this goes so smoothly and you receive everything so quickly! Would say keep it up! Thanks in advance, and until the next order! Mvg S.d.

SD - 09/05/2014

Tracks fit perfectly

Dear Mr. T'Kindt, The tracks are mounted and fit perfectly. Thank you. Regards, B

BD - 12/04/2014

Attentive response

Mr. T'Kindt, Thank you very much for the kind and considerate response. Gratefully accepted, it is a token of your quality!! Regards, Gd U

GDY - 05/03/2014

Great product 

Thanks again, it's great! product and I am happy with it. Sincerely, CP

CP - 04/03/2014

Good explanation

Thanks for the good explanation! Gr. W.

WD - 25/01/2014

Thank you for your concession!

Thank you very much for your concession! In the meantime everything has been mounted and the robot is working again, thanks for the useful information, I will see how it goes in the coming months and if necessary I will contact you for an alternative solution. Kind regards, WC

WC - 22/01/2014

Smooth handling

Dear, Thank you for the smooth handling of the order. Kind Regards HD

HD- 10/28/13

Very nice

That is very nice. my heartfelt thanks. Cvda

CVDA - 19/08/2013

Very thoughtful!

Dear Mr. T'Kindt, very thoughtful of you! Accepted with thanks. Sincerely, GG

GG - 20/08/2013

Accepted with thanks

Dear Mr. T'Kindt, very thoughtful of you! Accepted with thanks. Sincerely, GG

GG - 20/08/2013

Delivered nicely on time

Everything was delivered on time. Thank you. Regards, FC

FC - 6/07/2013

TOP – everything is already in.

Everything in today. Top, mvg H vd B

H. v/d B - 03/07/2013

Handsome service!

Dear, Placed the order yesterday afternoon, delivered today ... great service! Mvg RDK

RDK - 03/07/2013


Hi Lode, Received, class! Thank you. Best regards. HP

HP - 26/06/2013 / Facebook

Thank you

Thank you ! Sincerely, A VDB

ESDP - 18/06/2013

Very good

Thank you very much CV

CV - 22/05/2013

Thank you for fast handling

Thank you for fast handling! Sincerely, W.H

WH - 19/05/2013

Fast and good service

Dear, Thank you for the fast and good service. Best regards. MM

MM - 29/04/2013

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response. I'm ordering this evening after work. Kind regards, B. De Mot

BDM - 22/04/2013

Package received in good order

Dear, package arrived in good order. Thank you. Grts

GR - 15/03/2013

Order arrived Friday

Good morning Lode. Order (Ionizer) arrived Friday ll and I successfully mounted it yesterday. Thanks for the service. Mvg S.

SD - 28/01/2013

Correct transaction

Dear Lode, Thank you for the correct handling of MVGR. RH

RH - 24/01/2013

Thanks for the good service

Delivery well received. Thank you for the service. Regards, CP

CP - 19/10/2012

I like this service very much

Thank you for the fast delivery, I really like this service. I will certainly pass this on to my acquaintances. Regards, D

D. - 26/09/2012

Thanks for the good customer service

Good morning, I received the jet ski. Thanks for the good customer service! Sincerely, JS

JS 13/09/2012 wrote:

Perfect water

Positive referencesHi Lode, I just wanted to let you know that the water is perfect again! When I let you know a few weeks ago that there was a problem with the water, I doubted for a moment whether I was a 'pietje exactly', but no: I was just spoiled. The water is perfect as before, crystal clear and very pleasantly soft for swimming. Then I suddenly remembered why I had chosen you at the time 🙂 ! This is your trademark : perfect water. It's like having a block of glass in the bath! Delicious ! I've attached a photo. See you later, P.

PP - 15/09/2012

Correct response and service!

Dear Lode, Thank you very much for your correct response and service! Because of my overall satisfaction with Aquatechno, I referred a friend of mine to you last year with a new swimming pool: EJ from Oostmalle. He then placed an order of +200 euros, and will certainly do so again next time. Always nice to have a reliable supplier who offers excellent service in addition to very good products. By the way, the new website with the extensive payment terms is very professional. Best regards and see you next time, PH

PH - 16/03/2015

Correct delivery

Thanks for the correct delivery, everything was neatly and securely packed. I will certainly use your range again. JVW

JVW - 20/07/2012

Top company

Hi Lode, You are a top company; smooth processing, smooth feedbacks. Thanks! Regards, MM

MM - 26/06/2012

We are more than satisfied.

Everything received in good order. Thank you, we are more than satisfied.

ES - 21/06/2012

Smooth correction

Thanks for the smooth correction! D.

D&T - 11/06/2012

Perfect service.

Lode, Thank you very much for the perfect service and flawless exchange of my order. I have received everything well and I will order new products soon.PR

PR - 10/06/2012

Thank you for your flexibility

Lode, Thank you very much for your flexibility, looking forward to the new delivery, Best regards, PR

PR - 04/06/2012

Thanks for fast delivery

Dear, thanks for fast delivery Regards DC

DC - 02/06/2012

Package arrived well

Dear Parcel arrived safely and soundly today. Thanks in advance Sincerely, CB

CB - 30/04/2012

Nice device, very satisfied.

Dear, A few months ago I bought a Zodiac Indigo swimming pool robot from you. Nice device, very satisfied! MVG JM

Y/M - 28/04/2012

Thank you for correct handling

Hello, The stick has been received in good order. Thank you for the correct handling. Sincerely, TS

S - 20/04/2012

Problem solved

Thank you ! Problem solved ! PC

PC - 20/04/2012

Order arrived well

Dear Lode The order has arrived today, Thursday 19.04.2012, thank you! LB

LB - 19/04/2012

Thanks for the follow up

Idk, just received. thanks for the follow up.

SDW - 29/02/2012

Thanks for the quick service

Beats!!! Great, I placed the order. Thanks for the quick service. Sincerely, KS

KS - 22/02/2012

Thank you for the service!

Dear, we have received our order. Thanks for the service! mvg fam. T.

Family T. - 15/02/2012

Thanks for quick response

Dear Lode, Thanks for the quick handling. Sincerely, CDS

CDS - 21/12/2011 / Facebook

Thanks for the good service

Dear Lode, Order received yesterday. Thanks for the good service, H.

HP - 09/11/2011

Thanks for quick response!

Dear, Thank you for the quick response!

SV - 19/09/2011

Everything is fine

Lode, thanks for the good service. Everything is fine now. Regards, JT

JT - 28/09/2011 / Facebook

Neatly received.

Lode, Order received in good order. See you next time P. de L. - 04/09/2011

Well received

Dear Mr. T'Kindt, I received the order in good condition, thank you. Thank you in advance, Sincerely, L.

Ll - 04/09/2011

Everything neatly delivered.

Bye, Everything is neatly delivered. I put you in my favorites greetings RB

RB - 18/08/2011

Thanks for the quick follow up

Thank you very much for the quick follow-up. Mvg L.

L. - 17/08/2011

Completely successful

Ir/Madam. Completely successful Thank you for the quick response and handling. The bath is there. Kind Regards WB

WB - 12/08/2011

Thank you for fast delivery

Thanks for the fast delivery of my order. Thank you mvg KDB

KDB - 22/07/2011

Very good service

Dear Mr. Lode T'Kindt, Very good service, thank you from a satisfied customer. Sincerely, BVB

BVB - 12/07/2011

Good service

Thank you very much For the good service it is the right part. RE

RE - 24/06/2011

Thank you for the effort

Hello Lode, May I thank you very much for taking the trouble to send me a new copy. I appreciate this very much. Friendly thanks. JJ

YJ - 21/06/2011 / Facebook

Thank you for serious approach

Dear, Thank you for your serious approach Mvg, JCS

JCS - 10/06/2011

Thank you for the service

Thank you for the service

RS - 08/06/2011

Thank you for the service!

Dear, The item has indeed been delivered. Thank you for the service! Greetings JH

JH - 27/05/2011 / Facebook

Everything well received.

Thank you for the good service we have received everything well

ND - 21/05/2011 / Facebook

Super satisfied

Dear , Super satisfied with your service and goods. Thank you very much, Baeck R

BR - 12/05/2011

Thank you for your cooperation

Hello lode, thank you very much for your cooperation you are the first to give me a satisfactory answer. regards RC

RC - 10/05/2011

Good and fast service

Dear, Parcel was delivered to my home this afternoon. Thank you for the good and fast service. I will definitely recommend your company and website to my family and friends. Mvg, HDB

HDB - 05/05/2011


Dear Lode, Great. Thank you. Until the next order Kind regards, J v P

JVP - 27/04/2011

Thanks for the quick response

Dear, For me this is fine and is so complete. Can you send these things back. Thanks for the quick response. Sincerely, RB

RB - 18/04/2011

Thank you for your very quick response

Thank you for the very quick response. Sincerely, SP

SP - 06/04/2011

Quick response

Thank you very much for your quick response.

ACW - 23/03/2011

Quick service

Thanks for the quick service! until the next order have a nice weekend JR

JR - 11/03/2011

Fast and early response

Good morning Thank you for this fast and early! response.MVG JR

JR - 03/03/2011

Fast delivery

Good afternoon, thank you for the fast delivery! already received tracking number please hold back for 1 more day as we will exceptionally not be home tomorrow!!! Greetings P&T

P&T - 02/03/2011

Quick service

Dear, Thank you very much for the fast service. Sincerely, GVR

GVR - 23/02/2011

Correct delivery

Hello Lode, Thank you for the correct delivery. best regards, M.L

ML - 17/02/2011

I am very satisfied.

Dear Lode, We had promised to take “atmospheric photos” but during the summer we didn't really succeed. Attached are photos from last winter prick. I also want to say that nothing has been lied about the consumption of the softub. I have had it since May of this year and it has been on day and night at 36° to 38° and I have paid 15 € extra per month to electricity as a precaution. Now I received my annual statement and it appears that I have an extra consumption per month of less than € 5, there is no winter but it will not be € 15 either!!! In short I am very satisfied. Sincerely, LTW

LTW - 12/14/2010

Good service

Hello I had placed a double order because visa did not work and I first created a paypal account. Anyway, thanks for the good service. Mvgr RB

RB - 29/07/2010

Great service

Good afternoon, Sorry for the late response, we have been on vacation for 1 week. The surprise was also great that yesterday upon returning home these items were delivered again. What a great service!!! Thank you very much for that. With all new parts we have been able to make very complete, sturdy play items, and we even have some spare items in stock now. The children are very happy with it. Thanks again for this super service. Sincerely, NK

NC - 24/07/2010

Very good service

Dear, First of all, thank you for the very good service and find this very annoying, but everyone can understand that no problem. Thank you for delivery and service. Kind Regards G

BER - 07/06/2010

Excellent service

Good day. I received the package this morning. Excellent service. Sincerely, H.J

HJ - 21/07/2010

Quick response

Thanks for the quick response. Mvg, V.

V. - 06/07/2010

Well arranged

That is already well arranged! Thank you! Have a nice weekend P.

P. - 16/06/2010

Fast and effective handling

Dear, Thank you very much for the fast and effective handling of our order! Sincerely, F.T

FT - 16/06/2010

This theme is amazing, you can customize EVERYTHING! The theme is a game changer for the Envato Market, can't wait for the future with Flatsome. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Mark Jance / Facebook

Excellent work. Very good theme, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations!!
Waiting for version 3.0. Very excited.


Good service!

Dear , that is indeed good news and good service! Thanks in advance. Sincerely, LJ

LJ - 05/06/2010

Thanks for the good service!

Dear, Everything is in! Thank you very much for the good service! Kind regards, ES

ES - 20/05/2010

Great service

Dear, Thank you for the super service. I will make the transfer immediately. With best regards. PL

PL - 11/06/2010

Correct transaction

Thanks for the quick and correct handling. AJ

AJ - 16/06/2010

Thank you for the service

Dear, Received today. Thanks again for the service. Mvg, LJ

LJ - 10/06/2010

Well received

Everything well received.Mvg, Please

SVP - 21/05/2010

Received in good order

Hello, I have received the order in good order. Thank you very much for that. Sincerely, GTR  

GTR - 24/04/2010

Super fast reply

Thank you very much for the super fast reply! I'm staying abroad for another week, but as soon as I'm home I'll place my order. Sincerely, E.B.

EB - 12/04/2010

Went well - good service

Received everything yesterday, went well, good service. IDW

IDW - 03/03/2010

Smooth and correct handling

Thank you for the smooth and correct handling. IO

IO - 22/02/2010

Quick service

Thanks in advance for the fast service. CD

CD - 17/02/2010

Fast and good communication

Thanks for the fast delivery and good communication! KV

KV - 28/01/2010

Thank you for valuable data

Thank you for sending us the valuable data about the Cybernaut, which makes testing the robot possible! HR

HR - 15/01/2010

Good and fast follow-up

Thank you for the good and quick follow-up. GD

GD - 18/11/2009

Fantastic service

Fantastic service. Thank you for the good care. LR

LR - 17/11/2009

Good service

Many thanks for the good service. I look forward to the stuff. RH

RH - 30/09/2009

Grateful for the shipment.

The order has now arrived with me and I am very grateful for the shipment. Good quality, good service! BWMN

BWMN - 29/09/2009

Excellent quality

The products we bought from you at the beginning of the summer were of excellent quality! Since it is our first year that we have a swimming pool, we will visit you soon to purchase our winter products. KVT

KVT - 22/09/2009

Thanks for your cooperation

Thanks for your cooperation!! MVDL

MVDL - 28/08/2009

Good service

Thank you very much for the good service. RT

RT- 27/08/2009


Order delivered and tested today. Fantastic, what a difference!! Pool cleaned in 10 minutes!!! LT

LT - 25/08/2009

Good service

Thanks again for the good service! BU

BU - 24/08/2009

Fast delivery

Thanks for the quick delivery. BS

BS - 31/07/2009

I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for your message! I really appreciate it, best regards. BI

BI - 30/07/2009

Thanks for that

We received the thermometer today, thank you. KD

KD - 23/07/2009

Excellent condition

Everything arrived in excellent condition! Thank you very much and see you next time. RR

RR - 12/07/2009

Fast shippingg

Thanks for the fast shipping. DJM

DJM - 23/07/2009

Perfect service

This is what you call perfect service, thanks! MO

MO - 27/07/2009

A happy customer

Thank you very much for your quick response! Thank you for your efforts during your leave. A satisfied customer, with kind regards, HDB

HVDB - 21/07/2009

Very user-friendly website

Congratulations with the beautiful and very user-friendly e-commerce website! Dell and Pixmania could learn a thing or two from it! PW

PV - 06/02/2009

Thank you for the customer-friendly gesture

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the customer-friendly gesture, let's hope that we can reward this in one way or another. PVR

PVR - 02/10/2008

Thanks for the service

Received the set in good order today, thanks for the service and perhaps see you next time. WVK

WVK - 10/09/2008

Good service

 Thanks for your good service, thx.  EVL

EVL - 8/18/2008

Congratulations on the fast and correct delivery

Dear, I received everything perfectly, congratulations on the fast and correct delivery. I will definitely do some advertising. Greetings. CSR

CSR - 02/08/2008

Good service and explanation

Hello Lode, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your good service and explanation. Everything is now working properly. Thanks again. BVDM

BVDM - 31/07/2008

Thanks for the professional help

Dear Lode, from now on you can count me among your customer base, the algae have completely disappeared! Thanks in advance for the professional help. SD

SD - 24/07/2008

Thank you for your willing assistance

Dear Lode, thank you very much for your willing help with connecting the solar mats to the collectors. Thanks to your tip I can do it now. F.

F. - 11/07/2008

Tigershark does a good job

Dear Lode, dThe Tigershark does its job very well, now climbs the walls perfectly and cleans the pool nicely. R .

R. - 17/06/2008

Quick service

Ok, thanks for the fast service. Grts. GW

GW - 16/05/2008

Thanks for the delivery

Dear Sir, thank you for the delivery, I already received it the next day. Nice weekend. R .

R. - 02/05/2008

The result is superb

Hi Lode, thank you for placing the colored LED lamps. The Result is great! Greetings. J.

J. - 16/02/2008

Permanently beautiful clear water

Dear Mr. Lode T'Kindt, I would like to let you know that I have followed your advice with the result of permanently beautiful clear water. Thank you for this . CK

CK - 01/10/2007

Great website and great service

Good afternoon Lode I have just received my order. Great website and great service! I will pass on your website to some friends who also have a swimming pool. PS

PS - 25/09/2007 (During our leave!)

Quick service

Dear Lode, Thanks for the fast service. HDK

HDK - 20/09/2007 (During our leave!)

Thank you for the good care

Payment was made electronically. Thank you for the good care. Kind regards.TV

TV - 18/09/2007 (During our leave!)

Thank you for the service

Thank you for the service and wish you a nice holiday. Greetings. MB

MB - 06/09/2007

We are very satisfied with the result

We installed the heat pump very quickly to enjoy as much as possible. We are very satisfied with the result, what a difference! VL

VL - 14/08/2007

Quick service

Thanks for the fast service and see you next time! Regards. AM

AM - 10/08/2007

Pump and filter work perfectly

Dear, everything well received, pump and filter are already in service and work perfectly. Thanks for the smooth service. KDC

KDC - 07/08/2007

Great site

Hello, Your site is great. Regards, VG

VG - 12/07/2007

Everything works great

Thank you. The installation looks fine this time; everything works great. VL

VL - 05/07/2007

Water is super clear

HHello Lode, the day after your last visit the water was already super clear. P.M 

PM - 07/09/2006

Thanks for your service

Thank you for your service, I am very impressed. MB 

MB - 24/07/2007

Arrived smoothly

Arrived quickly, works as described, thanks for the smooth handling. KP.

KP - 25/06/2006

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