Terrace lamps

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Terrace lamps for on the terrace, at the pool or in the pool house. Cozy lamps for when it gets dark outside. Either on battery and otherwise with a power cable.


Waterproof terrace lamps with strong battery

Terrace lighting with strong batterywaterproof and nice and original design. Most lamps for the terrace are portable and have a nice original look. But there is more, there is also multifunctional terrace lighting with music or that can even float on the swimming pool water.

The advantages of Multifunctional terrace lamps

The lamps of Nikki Amsterdam  and Nordic D Luxx are multifunctional lamps for the garden terrace or in the pool house  They have different functions such as :

  • give white or RGB color light
  • the LED terrace lamp is rechargeable with battery
  • waterproof LED lamps for the terrace
  • including bluetooth speaker
  • APP for controlling the color program or music
  • usable as an ice bucket for cooling your champagne

Lights for the terrace, for indoors and outdoors

Most patio lights are waterproof. This makes the lights usable in the garden or even ON the pool like the Duck Duck duck. Although the lamps have been developed for use on a terrace, you can of course also use them indoors, for example in a pool house or in a veranda. The lamps for the courtyard create atmosphere during summer or late summer evenings.

The most atmospheric patio lighting is the LED barbed cables

The terrace light garland or LED barbed cable is a huge trend, partly because we spend more time outside on the terrace. We have the wonderfully beautiful LED lamp garlands with white caps and the LED string light with colored glass caps from Weltevree included in our range.

We also have professional ones garlands with LED lamps in front of the terrace swimming pool or for example for a catering terrace, or for example in the garden. Create a magical atmosphere with our LED garland lights as patio lighting. We have 5m, 10, 25 or even 50m long garlands with LED lamps for on the terrace or in the garden.

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