pH correction

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pH correction products - pH minus and pH plus for correcting the pH value, acidity, of your swimming pool water

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pH correction of your pool water

The pH value or acidity of the pool water can be adjusted with pH plus (a base) or pH minus (an acid). The pH value of the pool water is the most important parameter. Measure the pH value correctly with a pH meter

What different types of products are there to adjust your pH value?

You can adjust the acidity of the swimming pool water with powder or with a liquid product.

pH plus to increase the pH value:

    • Powder - sodium bicarbonate
    • Liquid - sodium hydroxide

pH minus to lower the pH value:

    • Powder - sodium bisulfate
    • Liquid - sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid

Difference Between Hydrochloric Acid (pH minus) and Sulfuric Acid

We recommend liquid for automatic swimming pool water treatment sulfuric acid 20% (H2SO4). Used to be a lot hydrochloric acid 20% (HCL) used, also known as pH minus. However hydrochloric acid has the annoying property of giving off corrosive fumes. These acid fumes corrode all metal parts in the technical room. That is why we have seen an increase in sulfuric acid as a liquid pH minus product for automatic pH correction for years.

What pH value should your swimming pool water have?

pH value of swimming pool water

We recommend a pH value of 7.2 - 7.3. The pH value of your swimming pool water is a very important parameter. If this value is too high or too low, the chlorine in your swimming pool will not disinfect properly. It is best to measure the pH value with a Pocket pH meter. The digital measurement is accurate to 0.1. If the pH value is too high or too low, it is best to first adjust the pH value of the water in your swimming pool before pool chlorine to add. Disinfecting and maintaining the pool is then done with chlorine tablets.

How do I dose pH products in my pool?

Dose NEVER put product in the skimmer. This will cause a very sharp rise or fall in the pH sand filter. This will loosen any caked-on dirt in the sand filter, causing it to end up in the pool with cloudy water as a result.

Dose powder directly into the pool or dissolve it first in a bucket of warm water and then dose into the pool. Due to the danger, liquid products can only be used with automatic water treatment systems.