Manual pool vacuum cleaners

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Manual manual pool vacuum cleaners and accessories to vacuum your pool.

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Manual pool vacuum cleaners for every budget

We have both the simple basic pool vacuum cleaner and the professional Fairlocks vacuum cleaner.

How does a manual vacuum cleaner work?

To manually vacuum your swimming pool, connect a flexible vacuum cleaner to the swimming pool vacuum cleaner. Place the other end of this hose in the skimmer mouth. First remove the skimmer basket, then the end of the hose fits into the opening in the skimmer.

TIP!! make sure your vacuum cleaner hose is completely full of water, otherwise you will suck air.

When the vacuum cleaner hose is connected, close all other suction points (bottom suction or other skimmers) with the exception of the skimmer to which you have connected the hose. Now you have the full suction power of the pump on your vacuum cleaner and you can vacuum.

The vacuum hose is universal and therefore fits all our manual pool vacuum cleaners and in every skimmer.

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Use manual vacuum cleaner
Leaf trap leaf catcher

The advantage of a leaf catcher.

The advantage of one leaf catcher, also known as leaf catcher or pre-filter, is the pre-filter of the filter pump not hidden. The pre-filter of a pump is rather small, especially at the start of the swimming pool, so a lot of dirt in the pool can mean that you have to clean the pre-filter very regularly. The leaf catcher thus prevents this rapid clogging of the filter in the pump.

What do you need?

1) Pool vacuum cleaner

You need several things to clean your swimming pool manually. First of all you will determine which type of vacuum cleaner (head) you will use.

2) Telescopic pole

You can determine the telescopic pole based on the swimming pool dimensions and depth. It is compatible with any type of vacuum cleaner

3) Flexible hose

You also need to determine the flexible hose in function of the length of the swimming pool. Count on 2m loss up to the skimmer.