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Various thermometers for measuring and controlling the temperature of the swimming pool water.

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Combined thermometers

Several pocket meters are equipped to measure more than temperature. With some devices you can also use the PH value and chlorine value to measure.

Floating thermometers

These types of thermometers float around in the pool and can be divided into three types.

  • Buoy thermometer floats by means of a buoy that is provided around the thermometer. Always easy to read while floating.
  • classic floating thermometer, you must remove the thermometer from the water to read the temperature
  • Mini thermometers are always provided with a dressed float such as a fish, dolphin or flamingo.


A aquastat usually used in combination with a heat exchanger.
You can mount it in the pipe by means of a T-piece. By choosing the desired temperature, the aquastat can control the external heating such as the heat exchanger.

What is the ideal pool water temperature for swimming?

Health tip:

Swimming in water that is too warm (above 32°) can cause health problems. Your body converts effort into heat, when you swim in too warm water your body temperature can rise. At water temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius there is a risk of hypothermia and cardiac arrhythmias.

It is best to swim at a temperature between 25° and 28°

This is about 10°C colder than the average body temperature. with pool water colder than 15°C there is a risk of hypothermia.

A slightly higher than this ideal temperature applies to babies, toddlers, children, the elderly, the disabled and rheumatic patients:

Disabled people and older people are generally less active.

For babies from 0 to 12 months, the water temperature in the pool should be 32 degrees Celsius, for babies from 1 year old, the water should have a temperature of 30°-32°.

Temperature sports swimmers

Temperature sports swimmers

For a sports swimmer, the ideal temperature fluctuates between 26 and 27 degrees. This is often too cold for the recreational swimmer.

Subtropical swimming pool

For subtropical swimming pools, the average temperature is around 31°C.

Hot tubs

The temperature of a hot tub is often much higher than a swimming pool.
Because you remain sitting or lying on the spot. Temperature is between 34 - 36 °C.

Keeping heat in the pool, how?

There are several things that affect the pool temperature. In general, there are various indicators that ensure better heat retention

Is the pool insulated?

A well-insulated swimming pool ensures that there is little loss of heat along the walls and bottom of the tub. A concrete swimming pool with walls of 30 cm has a good insulating value in itself.
As far as a monoblock swimming pool is concerned, it is advisable to provide insulation or to supplement it with insulating material.

Does the pool have a cover?

Without an (automatic) roller shutter, cover or summer sail, all the heat can escape through the surface. A cover is absolutely necessary to retain the heat of the pool water. This will limit heat loss, especially at night.

Technical setup

Try to install the heating element (heat pump, heat exchanger, electric heater) as close as possible to the pool in order to have as little loss as possible on the underground pipes.

If a long distance has to be bridged, it is advisable to place the pipes deep enough and possibly to insulate the pipes themselves.