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Chlorine tablets be used in a swimming pool adding chlorine gradually by the water in a swimming pool or in a jacuzzi/spa hot tub. The chlorine in these chlorine tablets will kill bacteria and break down pollution. This allows for clear and healthy water in your pool.

We sell large chlorine tablets of 200g, the HTH chlorine sticks of 300g, 5 in 1 chlorine tablets and the little one chlorine tablets of 20g for the spa.

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What are Chlorine Tablets?
Chlorine tablets

Chlorine tablets for slow disinfection

Chlorine tablets are for pool or spa water disinfection slow dissolving pills of 7g, 20g, 200g, 250g or 300g with chlorine to disinfect swimming pool water or water in the jacuzzi. This swimming pool product contains chlorine that dissolves because it is placed in a place where the water is pumped by the swimming pool pump or pump in the jacuzzi.

This water stream contains sufficient chlorine after passing through the tablet disinfection product so as to remove the water pure and bright hold.

HANDY TIP : All information about chlorine tablets.

Chlorine tablet skimmer

Chlorine dosing via the skimmer basket.

Chlorine tablets are very suitable for use in pool skimmers. There are different skimmers, namely the built-in skimmer in a built-in swimming pool. A floating skimmer for build-up pools and finally there are also floating skimmer floats.

In the skimmer basket of build-up pools you can store the chlorine tablets of 200g, the HTH Chlorine Sticks of 300g and the MTF 5 in 1 Chlorine Tablets to use. These tablets are too large for built-up swimming pools.

Due to the concentrated chlorine solution, the skimmer baskets quickly break. You can buy new ones in our store buy skimmer baskets.

Hayward Chlorine Dispenser CL200

Dosage of chlorine via a chlorine dispenser

If you have a large volume of water in your swimming pool and still want to manually dose chlorine into the water, you can use a Hayward Chlorine Dispenser. In this one can 10 tablets of 200g chlorine.

On the flow system you can regulate the addition of chlorine with a rotary knob. In this way you can dose chlorine tablets in the swimming pool water in a semi-automatic way for a longer period of time.

The HTH Chlorine Sticks of 300 gr are NOT suitable for this due to the cylindrical shape.

Chlorine tablet in floating skimmer

Dosage of chlorine tablets in above-ground swimming pools

You can use for set-up swimming pools a floating float where our little one Chlorine tablets of 20g fit in. This way you can add chlorine to your water for a longer period of time build-up swimming pool.

Sometimes we are asked to also use the MTF 5 in 1 chlorine tablets. the advantage of this tablet is that everything is in 1 product, such as chlorine, stabilizer, anti-algae, anti-limescale, ... You could do this by breaking the tablets into smaller pieces. However, this is not optimal.

Our HTH Pastilles of 7g and the 20g chlorine pills are also very suitable for disinfecting water in a jacuzzi.

Skimmer construction pool

A floating skimmer is also suitable for chlorine tablets

Using an easy to install floating skimmer for above ground swimming pools you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Firstly you can "skim" the floating surface dirt, secondly this is floating skimmer also suitable for dosing chlorine tablets in built-up swimming pools.

The floating skimmer is one ALL IN ONE installation kit that you as a self-builder can install on the edge of your swimming pool.


Chlorine tablets dosage

1 chlorine tablet of 200g per 25,000L of water per week. The golden rule here is to measure the chlorine level in the pool.

You can add more or less chlorine tablets based on the measured value (1 - 2ppm free chlorine).

Test strips

Measure chlorine

How many chlorine tablets you need to dose also depends on the chlorine value in the swimming pool water. We recommend one chlorine value from 1 to 2pp free chlorine. You can measure this chlorine value with test strips.

How to use less chlorine tablets

With the tablets of Aquafinesse Pool Water Care you can drastically reduce the use of chlorine or other disinfection products.

These Aquafinesse Pool Water Care tablets break down the slime layer where the bacteria settle. As a result, they rinse away and you need much less chlorine for clear and pure water.

Stabilized Chlorine Tablets VS Unstabilized Chlorine Tablets.

What customers say about our chlorine tablets and service

Efficient HTH Chlorine sticks - Jan Tuesday 25 February

HTH sticks are much more efficient than normal chlorine tablets. Only very low dose needed. Also ensure better operation of the Cu electrodes. Plastic casing ensures safe handling. I am only too happy to buy this from Limburg at Life Is Better By The Pool!

Prima 5 in 1 tablets - Anton Friday 19 June

Excellent 5 in 1 chlorine tablets and good delivery and service.
In the Netherlands too!

Great chlorine tablets - Dirk Tuesday, February 22

Great product! No negative comments. I have been using them for half a year and will never buy another brand again. Be smart and buy a large stock and save even more money!

Where can you buy our chlorine tablets?

Swimming pool chlorine

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Thanks to our strong purchasing strategy and years of experience in the sector, we can provide the cheapest price for chlorine tabletn guarantee.

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