Aqua fitness

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Aquatrainer – Pool trainer

Equipment for aqua fitness in your pool. Aquaspinning is great fun and cycling under water is also very healthy! With the Pool Trainer you can swim as long as you want without turning!

Aqua fitness - the next big thing?

Aqua fitness could be the new fitness fad. Here and there you can already see the aquaspinning sessions popping up in public swimming pools.

Aquaspinning cycling underwater

Spinning will never be the same again with an aquabike. Underwater spinning is much more fun and less stressful for the joints than spinning above water. The pool bike can be put in and out of the water very easily. There is a handle on the aquatrainer bike, it deflates in 3 seconds and weighs only 20kg.

Pool trainer the ideal alternative to a jet stream

The pool trainer has many advantages over a jet stream. For example, the swim trainer is easy to install, it does not consume energy and technical problems or leaks are excluded.

Would you rather play in the pool? Then take a look at it inflatable toys.

Pool trainer swim trainer