Garden accessories

Garden accessories, useful tools for a swimming pool garden

In a garden with a swimming pool or near a pool house do you have a lot garden accessories which can be very useful to get the job done. Discover here everything you could possibly need in a garden with a swimming pool.

Garden accessories useful tools near your swimming pool or pool house

In a garden with a swimming pool, An fire bowl or garden fireplace or near a pool house can you handy garden accessories use it to get the job done. Just think of filling a swimming pool or connecting a garden shower with the garden hose.

How do you store the wood neatly and beautifully in a garden

It is best to store the wood for the garden fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl in a dry place. The drier the wood, the less smoke development and the more beautiful the flame. It is surprisingly fun and interesting if this wood storage is also a beautiful eye-catcher. The Bruges wood storage van RB73 designed by Belgian designer Jan Kuppers (Kuppers & Wuytens) is a true showpiece in the garden. A functional artistic wood storage rack you can call it.

Design garden benches with multiple functions

The nice one garden benches under which you can store the wood neatly and dry both beautiful and convenient, certainly the corten steel garden benches we think it's beautiful. There even exists one wood storage with honeycomb structure, you can expand it yourself if you want more or less wood storage. There is a beautiful garden seat and garden bench from RB73 with a crossed Corten steel partition. This way your wood can dry nicely and it also looks incredibly beautiful.

The nicest garden bench (you) has to be the cool box garden bench from Tradewinds the Fresh'r. Not really a couch-sofa but you can sit on the cool box or you can use it as a side table, but actually it is a cool box for keeping your picnic cool. Also their larger garden box Chest'r is 1 of the TOP 5 garden accessories to store your garden cushions, for example.

BloX wood storage with seat

The nicest garden accessories for a swimming pool garden.

With a beautiful garden (large or small) with swimming pool and pool house to belong the right garden accessories. These accessories give the impression of general finishing. They ensure that the concept of your garden is finished. Garden accessories should therefore be somewhat in line with your garden or patio design.

Our webshop contains all kinds of garden accessories that may also be used in your garden.


Refilling a swimming pool is easiest with a garden hose.

With a nice-looking design garden hose you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. A design garden reel looks beautiful and finished, but is also very functional. Just think about connecting the garden shower or filling it swimming pool. Garden hoses are in our top 5 garden accessory essentials.

It has a very nice feeling when you can dot the i's and cross the t's in a beautiful rural or modern garden with a beautiful matching design garden hose. We have both modern garden hoses such as the RollX as a beautiful design alternative to the Gardena garden hose the Mirtoon of the brand SEA. The ZEE brand also has a design garden shower in the same colors as their garden hoses, white, black and more. Worth seeing.

A handy garden cart is an indispensable garden accessory for the grind and pulling work.

Just think of carrying garden wood around in the garden, from the garden wood storage to the garden heater e.g. with the garden cart as an accessory it is a lot easier to get this job done. That's why we think so the garden cart is an essential garden accessory is for in a swimming pool garden or near a pool house. You can also use it to transport the wine crates or the excess cleaned up blisters along to the compost heap to take.

We are convinced that an investment in a solid design garden cart can bring you years of pleasure.