Swimming pool robot brushes

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Different types of brushes for Zodiac pool robots or Dolphin pool robots.

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All pool robot brushes

All types of brushes for robots of the brand Dolphin, Zodiac and Hayward. Brushes are available in foam, PVC or combined.

The standard PVC brushes are suitable for swimming pools with a liner. The mousse brushes are suitable for very smooth swimming pools with, for example, glass mosaic. The combined brushes are suitable for PE swimming pools, polyester tubs or, for example, swimming pools with ceramic tiles. 

READING TIP : How can I best maintain my swimming pool robot?

How can I replace the brushes?

Brushes of the new pool robots (type Zodiac Vortex or eg the Dolphin S) can easily be replaced. However, if it is a combined brush (Dolphin Combined Brush), this is not so simple. When mounting these combined robot brushes, you must loosen the side (sideplate). Reassembly is not that easy.

You can also bring the device to us for maintenance of your swimming pool robot.

Which type of brushes are suitable for your swimming pool?

The rubber brushes and PVC brushes are suitable for swimming pools finished with a PVC liner. The wonderbrush brushes or the combined pool robot brushes are suitable for smooth surfaces such as mosaic or polyester.

Here's an overview: 

  • PVC liner pools : PVC brushes
  • Mosaic pools: mousse brushes or combined brushes
  • swimming pools with ceramic tiles : mousse or combined brushes
  • PE plastic swimming pools : mousse brushes
  • Polyester monobloc swimming pools : mousse brushes
  • Swimming ponds : PVC or combined brushes

What types of robot brushes exist?

There are 4 types of brushes for robots

  • mousse brushes
  • PVC brushes
  • miracle brush
  • combined brushes
Swimming pool robot PVC brushes

Swimming pool robot PVC brushes

Swimming pool robot foam brushes

Swimming pool robot foam brushes

Replace brushes?

It is best to replace swimming pool robot brushes every 2 years. After 2 years of use, it is best to replace the brushes of your robot. 

You can buy robot brushes in our online shop and replace them yourself or you can call on our repair service (for Dolphin pool robots).

Dolphin BIO Brushes Active Brush

Dolphin pool robot rubber brushes

Warranty on brushes of your robot?

There is a standard 2-year technical guarantee on the warranty. However to be careful with this, this is about a technical warranty. Wear and tear is not included in this warranty

So if there is a technical defect in the brush of your robot, this is covered by the warranty conditions. For example, if the brush is torn or has come loose from the shaft, then this is a replacement under warranty. If the brushes show wear, they cannot be replaced under warranty.

Compare it to the tires of your car, if they are worn out, then this is obviously not a replacement under warranty. 

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