Swimming pool filters

Filter systems for sand or glass (AFM – Activated Filter Material). Sand filters ensure crystal clear pool water.

Sand filters for cleaning swimming pool water

Together with the filter pump the filter is the beating heart of the filter installation.

We mainly distinguish 3 types of filters:

Filter kits filter and pump for the pool in 1

Filter kits filter and pump for the pool in 1

A filter kit is equipped with both pump and filter. And is mainly applicable for aboveground swimming pools or swimming pools with a very small m³ content.

Standard (sand) filter for private swimming pools

The perception of a sand filter is that it can only be used with sand, while any sand filter can also be used with other types of filter media.
For a professional inground pool. The diameter can be determined in function of the cubic volume of the pool.

Half or high bed filter for public or semi-public swimming pools

A high bed filter is mandatory for public swimming pools. This means that the filter bed is at least 1m high. Which benefits the filtration.
With a BIOPOOL data, we optimize the entire filter installation and work with a semi-high bed filter.

Filter media for filling the filter with sand or glass

Pebble & sand

Pebble & sand

The best known and most commonly used filter media today is sand and gravel. At the bottom you provide gravel to ensure a good flow to the collectors.
At the top you use the finest sand to filter your water.

Filter glass

Nowadays people are using more and more glass to fill the filter instead of sand & gravel. Here too, a coarse grain at the bottom and a fine grain at the top will be used.
The biggest advantage of glass is that no tunnel formation can occur here and therefore has an extended lifespan compared to sand.


aactive Ffilter media is also filter glass with the difference that a charge is placed on the glass. Every pollution is charged. This glass will attract pollution due to the charge.

Pre-filter to remove coarse particles before the sand filter

You can use a pre-filter in combination with a sand filter. You place this between the pump and the filter vessel to create a double filtration.

Skimmer baskets as for filter on the sand filter installation

Even before the dirt enters the filter pump, there is already a first point where the largest floating dirt such as leaves, insects, toys will be stopped and those are the skimmer baskets. The biggest advantage is that you can empty it without stopping the filter pump. It is best to do this regularly, especially during a change of season and when the leaves fall.