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Nice original beautiful designer garden lighting. Enjoying a garden with friends requires beautiful and atmospheric garden lighting. Here one wide range of lighting for the garden with battery and waterproof.

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Waterproof wireless design garden lighting

What started with 1 LED lamp from Imagilight has grown into a full range of LED garden lighting with typical features. Our garden lighting is waterproof, is design and looks beautiful, always with LED and with battery and thus rechargeable.

The advantage of wireless garden lighting with battery

LED lamps for the garden with battery are very handy. After all, you have NO power outlet required. You also do not have to provide electrical cables in the garden for the connection.

The advantages of wireless LED garden lighting at a glance

  • no power outlet necessary
  • no electrical cables necessary
  • waterproof
  • (generally) portable
  • you can do them in different places in the garden to make
  • the garden lighting easy to store in the winter
  • ideal realm creators
  • generally several colors

There are of course not only advantages to this type of LED garden lights. The garden lights are mainly intended to create an atmosphere. That is precisely why there are many multifunctional garden LEDs. For example, you can use some as an ice bucket, as a seat or, for example, as a side table. This multifunctionality, the battery, the design ensures that these lamps are slightly more expensive than standard ground spots. Of course you have a super handy beautiful garden light LED lamp as an eye-catcher for that extra cost.

The disadvantages of the garden lighting with battery:

  • to give limited time light (10 - 15h)
  • generally less strong light
  • must charged become
  • more expensive than ground spots or garden lighting without battery

What do the IP classes of the waterproof garden lights mean?

The dust and water resistance of an electrical device is expressed with an IP class. This is a universal international code, determined on the basis of a number of standardized tests. These tests determine the watertightness of an LED garden light. Here is an overview of the most common waterproof classes.

IP 54 Waterproof class;

 IP54 Waterproof class;

    • the 5 means that the article is protected against dust so as not to hinder its proper functioning, but not completely dust-tight
    • the 4 means splash water (10l/min) from all possible angles

IP56 Waterproof class:

    • the 5 is the same as above
    • the 6 means waterproof 100l/min from all possible angles

IP 68 dust and waterproof

    • the 6 means completely dustproof
    • the 8 means waterproof and submersible, so submersion won't even hurt

TIP all information can be found here: IP class information

Our garden lighting that can float is of course IP68 like ours DUCK DUCK S and DUCK DUCK XL or e.g. the Imagelights BALL. These sturdy garden lights that can take a beating are therefore a bit more expensive, but they also make them very durable. This way you can enjoy these nice atmosphere creators for the garden for years to come. If you want a garden light of TOP quality, choose these LED lamps for the garden. These lamps are also suitable for indoor use pool house or inside the home.

Discover our multifunctional garden lighting, light, music and other cool features.

Our preference is our multifunctional garden lighting like the Nordic D'Luxx. This garden light is one standing LED garden light where a built-in speaker is in and which you can use as ice bucket to cool your champagne or your bottle of rosé. You can use this garden light on the terrace at the swimming pool, in the garden, in the pool house or next to your jacuzzi or for example inflatable spa. There are more portable speakers that give light, discover them in our shop.

You can buy our garden lighting online or in our shop.

We have a lot in stock, you can buy the garden lighting online in our online store or you can visit us in Waregem. In our shop there is a lot of garden lighting on display that you can see or test.