Wood storage

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Dry wood for a fire in the garden, in the pool house or on the terrace in a fire bowl must be dry. Immediately wood storage can you correctly and near of the garden fire or the garden stove. If you can store the wood in a nice design wood storage or a garden bench In our opinion, this is an added value for every garden design.

Design wood storage for every garden design

Wood neatly stacked in a solid rack and in a dry place is convenient and beautiful at the same time. After all, wood that has been stored dry will give a nicer flame and burn better, moreover, much less smoke will be developed. We offer many different shapes and sizes of wood storage, so you will always find one that fits your garden design. Lots of benefits to make this work.

Wood storage with wall mounting

The most common way to store the wood in the garden is in a wood rack or at the back of a garden shed under a roof. It advantage of our wood storage systems is that you can get them in all formats. In this way, you can store the wood neatly and with a beautiful design rack always near your stove, garden fire, fire bowl or wood barbecue stack.

This way you have the wood close at hand when you want to light the campfire. The wood rack also allows you to neatly store the wood even on a very small terrace, for example in the stand or in a courtyard.

In addition to the storage space for garden wood, our wood storage solutions are also very beautiful and fun design pieces and real eye-catchers in the garden.

SAFETY TIP : For safe mounting and to prevent the rack with wood from tipping over, it is strongly recommended wood storage with wall mounting to be attached to the wall. Holes are made in our wood storage systems to make this easy. Especially with racks higher than 1m this is a must to maintain a safe situation. Place the rack as well always on a firm and solid surface to prevent sagging. eg on terrace tiles or on a concrete plinth. The weight can cause the rack to drop if it is not positioned properly.

Forno wood storage black

A garden bench with wood storage space

The most beautiful combination of design and functionality for the storage of firewood in the garden are these garden benches with wood storage. They are beautiful, handy and available in both the brown rusty Corten steel color and in black. The black powder coating on the garden bench is also heat resistant, so feel free to place it near the fire bowl or garden fireplace.

Garden bench wood storage

Wood storage boxes

There are many different designs for stacking wood. Everyone knows the current rectangular models. There are also storage systems for garden wood in square boxes that are stackable. For a smaller amount of firewood can you use this. These wood storage systems are very suitable for example on the side of a house or on a courtyard or a small terrace in the city. These boxes are also available in both black and naturally rusted Corten steel. Extremely solid and indestructible.

Rectangular, square and honeycomb models are available. So there is also a beautiful storage system for firewood available for every garden design. Also for smaller gardens and city gardens.

ATTENTION : Here too it is important to keep safety in mind and to place the wood storage boxes on a solid surface and with the supplied systems together to fasten.

Wood storage BOX 04

Under a garden fireplace or fire bowl

Do you have very little space or would you rather not have a separate storage area for the logs for your garden fire? Then there are too wood storage solutions 2 in 1. In addition, there is under the fire bowl, under the wood barbecue or below the garden fireplace eg a small storage place for the wood. This way you have just enough wood for the fire at hand. This way you can store the wood dry. Due to the proximity of the fire, the wood will also dry out nicely when you use the fire bowl or the garden stove. This solution for storing the firewood in the garden is ideal if the woodpile is very far away from the place where you light the fire.

Sustainable wood storage

Our corten steel wood sheds are very durable and indestructible solutions. The metal can easily rust from the weather. This creates a natural look. Metal is also indestructible, especially the wood storage made of 3mm thick corten steel plate material. The wood used for the garden benches with wood storage is also durable and indestructible. The wood is hardwood and will age naturally but not rot. You can protect the wood even more with a water-repellent oil paint. This way you will retain the natural color but provide the wood with an extra protective water-repellent layer.


All wood storage systems, also the black powder coated wood racks and garden benches are heat resistant. So you can place them near your garden fire, garden fireplace or fire bowl.