Spa tidy

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Spa tidy for maintaining your spa or hot tub. With these nets you can easily remove leaves or other dirt from the water.

Spa tidy

Spa tidy to easily maintain your spa or hot tub. There are models that have a handy shovel edge that makes it easy to shovel over the bottom.
Or a rubber edge that ensures that you do not damage the spa with scratches.

We make a distinction between surface nets and bottom nets. It goes without saying what you need.

Why use a surface landing net?

We use the surface landing net less often because in principle you can also do the surface with a bottom landing net. However, it can be useful to use a net on a surface. Because it has no "bag" and is therefore less heavy to move on the water surface.

Spa Manual Vacuum cleaner

This spa manual cleanseYou can use it as a vacuum cleaner, but you can also use it as a surface landing net.