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Cartridge filters for it filtering the water in the jacuzzi or hot tub. You can use these cartridge filters for different purposes. Namely in spas, design swimming pools and the swimming pools from Intex.

All types of Spa & swimming pool cartridge filters

Spa cartridge filters prevent contamination in the pipes. In order to continue to guarantee good water quality, it is recommended to regularly filter. If the filter looks visually dirty after sufficient cleanings, it is necessary to replace the filter.

Simply clean the filter cartridges with the cleaning comb

After you have cleaned the filter with filter cleaner you can easily rinse off the dirt with the cleaning comb that you have connected to your water supply. These actions will considerably extend the life and quality of the filter.

How do I recognize an Antibacterial filter cartridge

Does the filter have a blue color? Then it has an extra anti-bacterial function.


Many filters have a screw thread. In 99% of cases this is about a 1 1/2" thread so that the filter stays nicely in place.
All other models are loose and must be the correct size.

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How often should I replace a spa's cartridge filter?

We recommend not reusing a spa filter cartridge more than 3 times. You usually rinse the filter once a week and give it a thorough cleaning with Aquafinesse Spa Clean eg once a month. It is best to replace the cartridge filter after 3 of these cleaning sessions with product. The product and the pollution will ensure that after the 3rd cleaning the pattern loses a lot of its functionality.

It is recommended the special Spa Flocculant from Flovil to use. This product is specific developed for use with Jacuzzi filter cartridges. The product will not clog the filter cartridge, but will make the cartridge filter work better. This results in clearer water in the hot tub.