Pool vacuum cleaners & robots

Buying a pool vacuum cleaner is essential to keep your pool clean and tidy. By regularly vacuuming your pool you prevent algae growth and keep the water cleaner while using fewer products.

Swimming pool vacuum cleaners come in many different models, colors and prices. Whether you are looking for one manual pool vacuum cleaner or rather one automatic pool robot. At Life Is Better At The Pool, we're guaranteed to have the pool vacuum cleaner you need for sale. You can also enjoy our excellent service and free home delivery.

Swimming pool vacuum cleaners & robots for cleaning your swimming pool

It is best to use one for cleaning your swimming pool buy pool vacuum cleaner. You can vacuum the pool yourself with a manual vacuum cleaner. If you pool robot you buy, you automatically clean the pool.

Choosing the right pool vacuum cleaner

Do you want a manual pool vacuum cleaner for your swimming pool, we can definitely get you one Fairlock's vacuum cleaner recommend. A Fairlocks bottom cleaner has a spring-loaded brush, is foldable for perfect cleaning of the corners and guarantees ultimate ease of use.

Do you still prefer one automatic pool cleaner? Even then you have come to the right place at Aquatechno for the best brands and for tailor-made advice. With an automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner, cleaning your swimming pool floor takes a little longer and this type of swimming pool vacuum cleaner is also more expensive to purchase. On the other hand, you do not have to provide work yourself: the vacuum cleaner cleans the bottom, the walls and the waterline of your swimming pool while you can do something else in the meantime. For example, we can give you a Zodiac pool robot recommend, but you can also contact Aquatechno for other brands, including Hayward & Dolphin . Buying a bottom cleaner for your swimming pool – manual or automatic – is best done at Aquatechno!

Filter baskets and brushes

For all swimming pool robots that we offer, we can also provide you with the filter bag, filter cartridge or filter basket to offer. This robotic filters are in stock and will be delivered within 48 hours. Also the brushes for the pool robot that you buy from us can be reordered or purchased afterwards to replace.

Service and warranty

All pool robots we deliver with warranty from 2 to 3 years or even 4 years at Zodiac Alpha. We can carry out a lot of repairs ourselves, but we also call upon authorized service providers from Zodiac and Dolphin to repair your swimming pool robot. But also for the manual fairlocks pool vacuum cleaner we have all components in stock!