Spa pH correction

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Spa PH correction is necessary for your chlorine disinfection to work. With a bad PH value, no disinfection will take place. Even if there is indeed chlorine present in the water. Depends on the result of your water analysis you will have to administer PH + or –.

pH correction of your spa water

The pH value or acidity of the spa water is best adjusted with pH plus or pH minus. The pH value of the spa water is the most important parameter. Measure the pH value correctly with a pH meter.

Ondilo ico spa

A very simple way to perform the water analysis is the ondilo ico spa. This device with all important values automatically. You can request these values via an application on the smartphone. So you can monitor the water from anywhere from a distance. As if this wasn't enough, the ico provides suggestions via notifications. This way you know quickly and easily how much of which product to administer.

Spa water analysis

What different types of products are there to adjust your pH value?

You can adjust the acidity of the swimming pool water with powder or with a liquid product.



  • Powder - sodium bicarbonate
  • Liquid - sodium hydroxide

pH min:

  • Powder - sodium bisulfate
  • Liquid - sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid

Difference Between Hydrochloric Acid (pH minus) and Sulfuric Acid

We recommend liquid for automatic water treatment sulfuric acid 20% (H2SO4). Used to be a lot hydrochloric acid 20% (HCL) used, also known as pH minus. However hydrochloric acid has the annoying property of giving off corrosive fumes. These fumes corrode all metal parts in the technical room. As a result, we have seen an increase in sulfuric acid as a liquid pH minus product for automatic pH correction for years.

What pH value should your spa water have?

We recommend a pH value of 7.2 - 7.5. The pH value of your spa water is a very important parameter. If this value is too high or too low, the chlorine in your spa will not sanitize properly. It is best to measure the pH value with a Pocket pH meter. The digital measurement is accurate to 0.1. If the pH value is too high or too low, it is best to adjust the pH value of the water in your spa before chlorine to add.

How do I dose pH products in my spa?

You can simply administer liquid PH correction at a spa directly into the water. Preferably let the filter pump run sufficiently after administering pH products. If you use granulate granules, it is recommended to first dissolve them in warm water. In this way, the granules dissolve faster

pH value of swimming pool water