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Design garden torches with LED or authentic Swedish tree trunk fire torches. Torches for the garden with LED or with FIREWORK. Both for light, cosiness, and decoration, for warmth. Ideal for a winter garden or a summer garden party.

Why a torch in the garden

A torch provides authentic cosiness in the garden. In addition, the torch is very easy to use, cheap and therefore the ideal choice. Easily bring the cosiness and atmosphere of fire to your garden with our Swedish torches. These user-friendly and environmentally friendly garden lights are made from a tree trunk. They are perfect for a garden party, as a winter garden decoration, at a winter market, Christmas market, Christmas decorations and much more!

The modern design alternative are the LED lamp torches Fatboy or Imagelights.



Design LED torches are a worthy alternative

The design LED torches are a worthy alternative to the fire torches.

The design LED garden lamp torches are a worthy alternative to the fire torches. They are environmentally friendly and provide long-lasting light by a battery.

The design LED lamps have been around for quite some time, but have only recently become popular with consumers. Indeed, they are one environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fire torchl which has been used for centuries. These garden lights provide long lasting light and last up to 100 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for most people.

What is a Swedish torch for the garden?

A Swedish torch is a species garden decoration which is used at night to light, cosiness and warmthe to give. It consists of a tree trunk with notches that allow oxygen to pass through for proper combustion. The Swedish torch is a garden fire that we are very enthusiastic about ourselves. It has been used in Sweden for generations, but we are now spreading its charm all over the world.

The Swedish torch was invented in Sweden in the late 19th century by Gustaf Dalen, an inventor and industrialist.

Our torches are made from natural pine tree trunk (dead trees), so they are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This allows you to create a warm, atmospheric atmosphere in your garden in winter or turn your garden into a winter wonderland. The best though? These garden fire torches are so cheap and easy to use that you can afford to buy more than one!

What are the benefits of torches in the garden?

Garden torches add a sense of mystery and intrigue to any outdoor event. The fire torches can provide mood lighting without attracting insects or causing a nuisance. Torches can also be used as trail markers or provide extra light on dark trails. Torches are easy and can be found with us, they are relatively cheap, some cost only € 5 each.

  • Atmospheric and authentic

  • Cheap

  • Suitable as garden decoration

  • Light, fire and heat in 1

A Swedish torch is also a great gift idea for your friends and family during Christmas, New Years or anytime you want to show them some extra love and care. The Swedish Torch is also perfect for Christmas markets as a decoration and atmosphere in winter. And our Swedish torch holders make it easy to handle this beautiful thing! They're perfect for any occasion and with their classic Scandinavian design and simple elegance, you'll want to have them all year round.