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Above ground spas for one installation on a terrace or inside the house. Characteristic is the permanent place. By them weight and the electrical connection are these jacuzzis you so on a usual spot put in the garden. Once the Build-up Spa is installed, it will remain in this place in the garden for years.

Enjoy the garden with a built-up spa

Wellness in the garden is very attractive because you can enjoy a satisfying hydro massage at your home after a stressful day at work. In addition, you enjoy healthy outdoor air, the Sun or the stars in the sky. Enjoy and relax at its best.

What are the advantages of a build-up jacuzzi?

What are the advantages of a build-up jacuzzi?

There are 4 important advantages of built-up jacuzzis. They are

  • MORE POWERFUL - with stronger filters and better jets
  • MORE ECONOMICAL - through better insulation of the cockpit, floor and cover
  • STRONGER - with a nice hard exterior, a strong frame and materials with a long lifespan
  • MORE HYGIENIC - usually with strong automatic water treatment and large filter

How is the electrical connection of a fixed spa done?

The electrical connection of a surface mounted spa is  a cable 3G4mm², a circuit breaker of 16.25 or 32A (depending on the spa model) and a loss current protection (30mA residual current switch). Surface-mounted jacuzzis are connected directly to the electrical connection of the jacuzzi. We can do this for you! MORE INFO OR A QUOTE CONTACT US : [email protected]

This circuit breaker is the same electrical protection as, for example, for the electrical connections in a bathroom or, for example, the sockets for outside.

Many surface mounted massage spas are also available with a standard electrical plug. This makes the installation very easy for you.

Here is an overview of the easy to install spas:

Weekend spa connection

Where should I place the build-up spa?

Here you can say, think before you start! Due to its weight and the electrical connection, you cannot simply move a spa under construction. It is best to place the spa near the house or the pool house near the bathroom, toilet or changing room. This way you can change clothes nearby.

It is also nice that your partner, friends or family are near the spa, for example at a garden fireplace can enjoy the warmth of an outdoor stove and the cozy fire.

Placing a spa indoors

A hydro massage spa can be in your courtyards or eg under the covered terrace of it pool house or in the porch or outhouse. It is important that there is ventilation in the room and preferably also a dehumidifier. This way the windows do not steam up immediately or you do not get condensation on the walls. The advantage is that you can still use the jacuzzi even in bad weather.

Placing a spa outside

In our opinion, placing a jacuzzi outside is the best preferred place. So you can enjoy the outdoors when it is sunny, early in the morning at dawn or in the dark in the evening under a starry sky.

On which surface should a built-up spa be placed?

One must be under a built-up jacuzzi solid surface are provided. It is best to enter a piece of the terrace wood or with terrace tiles provided. So a solid screed with a screed in it. On top of this a terrace tile placed in a mortar bed. Or a piece of paving with vowels or wood.

Provide the following at the place where you want to place the jacuzzi:

  • A electrical connection. A cable 3G 4mm² is usually sufficient.
  • Paved surface in the form of a terrace with wood or tiles.

TIP : make the pavement slightly larger than the jacuzzi, so you can put a ladder in front of it or a simple rack for a towel or a bathrobe.

Can I build a surface mounted spa into the ground?

It is not recommended to build a spa in the ground. It makes it boarding too deep, you can not (Good) to the pumps and techniques, you can the jacuzzi not or barely move.

If you are considering doing it anyway, pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure there is a rainwater drain in the well where you place the jacuzzi
  • Leave spa ribbons under the build-up to lift it back up
  • Provide an opening or cover in the terrace to access the techniques if necessary
  • Allow the spa to protrude approximately 40 cm for easy access
  • Provide a grille for proper ventilation
Built-in spa installation kl

What water should I put in my jacuzzi?

Fill the jacuzzi with fresh TAP WATER and use the Peatco Spa filter for removing metals. Once there is water in the spa, you must first and foremost correct the pH (acidity) of the spa water. This is possible with the products for Spa ph correction.

The correct measurement of the Spa water is best done with the Test strips or with the Ondilo ICO Spa.

We always provide a word of explanation with the delivery of our spas. Start with the electrical connection. We can do that for you.

MORE INFO OR A QUOTE CONTACT US : [email protected]