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During a winter barbeque, a party in the garden or at a winter market. The fire pits are the known fires and cozy attractions for fun moments with friends and family. A pint or a gluhwein in hand, telling stories and fraternizing together.

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The black fire pit, the traditional community fire

During a garden party, at a winter barbecue or a winter market / Christmas market. Standing around this type of fire with friends and family, with a pint or gluhwein in hand, tell impressive stories. This is enjoyment at its best.

Characteristic of a fire pit

You usually stand around a fire pit. round fire bowls do you usually sit. Therefore, they are usually used at parties. Characteristic is that they are usually not heavy, easy to maintain and usually also come with an ash tray to place under the fire pit.

It is a kind of fire basket where you put large blocks of birch wood or beech wood and the ash / coals fall around and at the bottom of the basket with fire.

Fire pits are also easy to move because they don't weigh much. You can easily take them to the beach or, for example, move and store them.

TIP when moving the fire pit. Always wait until the fire pit is full extinguished and cooled. Some fire pits also have a handle for easy moving. After use, the fire basket will also emit soot. So always use gloves or a thick cloth to protect your hands against this soot.

URBAN style fire baskets

URBAN style fire baskets

The most famous URBAN style fire pit is a fire barrel. Old barrels are used to light a fire. Alternative beautiful design fire pits have been made. The most eye-catching is the Cube fire pit from Höfats You can use it in different ways:

  • Grill
  • like a fire pit
  • but also as a seat

But there are also modern fires made for the garden in the form of a barrel : Fire barrel with grate

Which wood to use for a fire pit for a beautiful fire

Well-dried birch wood is the best recommended material to develop a nice flame and little smoke in the fire basket. Kiln dried birch wood smells very nice, quickly takes care of one nice charring and all this combined with one nice flame effect. Birch wood will burn very well and quickly. You can recognize the birch wood by its typical white bark.

Beech and ash are harder types of wood and can also be used for your garden fire, although more suitable for larger fires such as in corten steel fire bowl The harder the wood (beech and ash), the slower the wood will burn and the stronger the heat development.

Trees that grow slowly will produce harder wood. Fast-growing trees such as birch will develop softer wood.

Birch wood

Typical Christmas market fires

The cosiness on a Christmas market is partly created by the many beautiful and fun fires. You can gather around these fires with friends, acquaintances or an accidental passerby.

Nothing more fun than drinking a Christmas beer or gluhwein by the fire at a cozy winter market.

This fire baskets usually have an included ash scale. You can place this under the fire pit to protect the surface. Keep in mind that when you place this fire basket on the grass, you will have a rust stain under this fire bowl or ash bowl after use. If you do not wish to damage the grass, place a tile under it if necessary. If it does not stay longer than 1 week, your grass will not burn or be damaged.

The Swedish Torches are a very nice and fun alternative garden fires. You can place them in a torch holder, making them safe, elegant and super cozy. Ideal decoration for your winter garden, as an atmosphere maker at a winter market or as an authentic cozy maker during a summer garden party.

Fire Pit Denver 02

A design fire pit

Prefer not to have an ordinary black fire pit? Then this design fire basket in Premium Steel will certainly appeal to you. This steel fire pit has been treated and is made of 2mm sheet steel.

There is also a beautiful design fire pit in the typical rust brown color. The Madison modern fire pit is then most likely your preferred choice. The naturally rusted fire basket is perfect for a modern home or pool house, for example.

Handy with this modern basket is that you also have room at the bottom for storing firewood. We also have solutions in the form of a bench or a wall stacker wood storage.

Fire pit Hollola 60cm

Safety tips for safe use of a fire basket

An important tip for safe use of the fire basket is to provide sand near the fire. In the event of a problem or, for example, a splash of fire, the fire is best be extinguished with sand. If you place the fire in the garden in the summer, there is sometimes a risk of fire if the grass is completely withered. You can also extinguish this with sand and this is even better than with water.

There are also fire pits with a safety grille over or in front of the fire. This can also help prevent splashes of fire.

ATTENTION: If you use the fire pit in the open, be extra careful and do not make a fire during a long drought or in places where it is prohibited.

Which fire pit to buy?

Buy the lightest fire basket

Buy the lightest fire basket

Fire pits are usually used as a temporary fire. it is therefore best to buy a fire pit that is not too heavy and that includes an ash plate. Our Kester fire basket and the Denver fire pit are our lightest models and weigh 5.5 kg and 3.2 kg respectively.

Buy fire pit and BBQ in 1

An alternative fire pit where you can also prepare a small BBQ is the Fire pit with grill. It still weighs only 7 kg and also has an axle plate.

Buy design fire pit

Would you rather choose an original and multifunctional fire pit, then the Hofat's Cube. This is a really cool fire pit that you can grill on, you can turn it into a chair and the design is super cool. It weighs a little more, namely 15 kg