Mood lighting

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Custom mood lighting for on and around your pool and in the garden. Make a choice of lighting and it will remain pleasant when it gets dark.

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Atmosphere lighting around the pool

Mood lighting around the pool, in the garden on the table in the pool house make it super cozy. The design lighting from Fatboy, Tradewinds and Imagilights are the eye-catchers on a pleasant summer night or a late summer night at the pool.

Most mood lights for the garden are waterproof or you can even use them ON the water like the DUCK DUCK XL duck, a large design light for the swimming pool.

White or different colors Led mood lights

LED mood lights white or with different colors

The LED lights from Fatboy and Tradewinds are WHITE and can be adjusted to different light strengths. The lower the light intensity - the longer they stay on.

The smaller table lights from Imagilights you can also light up in different colors.

Atmosphere and table lamps, wireless and up to 32h burning time

The table lights from Humble are really TOP products and sought after by restaurants and bistros. The table lamps have a "candle effect" position and are extremely cozy. There are many different shapes to match any table decoration. We have the table lighting put together in a separate group in our swimming pool lifestyle shop.

Different garden lights to hang in a tree.

Fatboy makes a beautiful waterproof design lamp for the garden that you can hang in a tree. The rope on the spherical light is available in different colours. This original garden lamp has a burning time of up to 24 hours.

Also The Ball by Nikki Amsterdam can you hang in the tree or the Lighthouse of Artsound.

But especially our barbed cables are very popular. The atmosphere on a terrace is completely 100% with our LED lamp garlands. We have them with different lengths of 5m, 25m or 50m. You can choose the color of the LED lamp yourself.

Fatboy Bolleke

What exactly is a barbed cable?

The prong cable is a name for one light cord, it is actually a long electric cable with light points mounted on it. The distance between the light points differs from light cord to light cord. This prong cord can you use as party lights or if mood lighting on the terrace or in the pool house.

Multifunctional mood lighting for the garden

There are a lot of atmospheric LED lamps with battery for the garden multifunctional. So are the mood lamps from Nordic D Luxx usable as mood light, wireless bluetooth loudspeaker or if ice bucket for cooling your bottle of champagne.

The Nordic D Luxx flowerpot lamp has the following multiple functions:

  • to operate with one APP on your smartphone
  • bluetooth loudspeaker
  • ice bucket for cooling your champagne or rosé wine
  • complete waterproof
  • to use as flowerpot
  • different models M, L and XL
  • both white if RGB (coloured) light
  • adjustable with the APP color programs

What is the difference between warm and cold white light?

The difference between warm white light and cool white light lies in the temperature of the light expressed in Kelvin. Warm white light has a K (Kelvin) value of 2800 K. Cool white light has a light temperature of 6000 K. If you want mood lighting for the pool house, on the terrace by the pool or in the garden, it is extra cozy with Warm White LED mood light. We made it easy for you and grouped the mood lighting with warm white light. Many outdoor mood lights also have it "candlelight" effect. The LED lamp will make warm white light vibrate or move, just as if there is a candle in the lighting. Mega fun right!

The realm of the lighting is determined by 3 factors

  • It designs of the mood lighting
  • It warm white light of the LED mood light
  • and the typical candlelight effect in the led light
Difference warm and cold white light