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The shower in the garden is an eye-catcher. That's why the offer is on DESIGN showers Quite big. They are all beautiful functional eye-catchers for a wonderfully refreshing shower in the garden. Prefer a hip design shower for outside at the pool: with Jee-O original and SEA you will definitely score.

Design shower an eye-catcher in your garden


A designer shower is an ideal addition to your garden pool house or at your pool. A designer shower not only enhances the overall picture, but also offers a refreshing ritual. Ideal for use at your swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna. An outdoor shower also ensures good hygiene for both yourself and your swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna. If you shower before swimming, this ensures less pollution of the pool and showering afterwards ensures that your body is immediately fresh again for the rest of the day.

READING TIP : A garden shower… This is how you make the ideal choice!

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At Life Is Better At The Pool you can also opt for one outdoor shower. If you prefer a design shower that fits perfectly in an industrial environment (indoors or outdoors), for example, then you should definitely choose the showers from JEE-O. If you prefer a classic model, be sure to also check out the Tradewinds garden showers such as the Cascade, field shower, Show'r and Wellwell. These are 'made in Belgium' Workshop Tradewinds. There are also other lifestyle products for sale in our shop, click here.

These are the advantages of a design outdoor shower


There are quite a number of them. The most important advantages of a stylish shower in the garden or at the pool house are summarized below.

    • hygienic before and after swimming
    • refreshing and ideal for cooling down after sunbathing or after a jacuzzi or sauna
    • big choice : simple outdoor shower to connect to the garden hose, or luxury version with mixer tap
    • easy and quick to install

An outdoor shower or design shower is a must for the true outdoor enthusiast

What is the most exclusive designer garden shower?

The most exclusive design shower in our range must be the Aqualux shower with water and LED. An LED strip is incorporated in the design shower for the garden. This ensures a very sleek design. Aqualux also has matching faucets for the garden. The control is on the side of the shower with a simple button.

Jee-O Original shower is the most sold design shower for the garden


The most iconic shower that has been featured in many magazines for the past 10 years has to be the Jee - O showers. The curly sleek and minimalist design of the shower is designed by Lambert Moerman. You may have already figured it out the shower is the J the mixer tap the O.

The shower is a beautiful example functional luxury design for outdoors.

You can connect cold and hot water to this shower. Therefore, it is usually seen or placed near it pool house. You can easily tap hot water from the pool house.

In the meantime, Jee O designed an even more original designer shower, the brutal, robust black one Jee O Soho Shower. These showers are regularly sold out, so be quick if you want one.