Pellet patio heating

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pellet patio heating is the ideal ecological alternative for existing patio heating systems based on gas or infrared (electricity). Our pellet heating for the terrace is very suitable for catering, but also for private use.

Patio heating with pellets - THE new sustainable trend

pellet patio heating is the ideal ecological alternative for the existing terrace heating systems gas patio heating or the infrared heater (electricity). Our pellet heating for the terrace is very suitable for both a catering terrace but also for private use.

How does a pellet patio burner work?

Faro patio heating with pellets 08

The Pellet heating works with a fan

Using a pellet heating system for your patio is really easy. Here are the 3 steps

1. adds pellets

2. flammable gel

3. turn on

After this you can enjoy wonderful warmth and a beautiful flame effect for 2.5 to 4.5 hours. Our patio fires with pellets is the presence of a small propeller at the bottom of the device that blows air into the pellet bed for a large beautiful flame.

TIP : it is appropriate to an extra fuel cassette to purchase. You can prepare it and after the first dose has been used up, quickly change it if you want to enjoy the warmth on your terrace for longer. After all, the used cassette will be too hot to fill and reuse immediately.

The flame in a pellet patio heater is larger due to the extra oxygen. But the fan that works with a battery also ensures clean combustion. That is why this type of patio heater does NOT produce smoke.

What are the advantages of a pellet heating system for your terrace?

A patio pellet burner has a lot of advantages compared to traditional known systems on gas or with infrared. You also have the coziness, the warmth and in addition one very nice big flame. In contrast to, for example, the gas patio heating and the infrared patio heating, you can enjoy the flames.

The fuel is also very easy to store, wood pellets. There is no electric cord such as eg with the infrared radiators or also no propane gas bottles as with the gas burners.

This makes these patio heaters easy to move, which makes them very suitable, for example, for a terrace of a bistro, on a terrace of an event or at a café.

Faro patio heating with pellets operation

All the advantages of a pellet patio heating at a glance

  • Ecological fuel wood pellets with very high efficiency
  • No assembly or installation costs or work
  • Mobile, no electrical cord or heavy propane tank
  • Beautiful large and visually beautiful flames
  • Consumes only 1.4€/h fuel
  • Ideal for private use and use on a catering terrace or at an event
  • Stable simple and controlled combustion
  • Beautiful modern and timeless design, in naturally rusted Corten steel, black or titanium gray powder coated

Disadvantage of pellet patio burners

Are there also disadvantages of pellet patio heating? Maybe is the purchase price is a disadvantage. This is higher than, for example, with a gas burner or an infrared radiator. However, the beautiful design and the beautiful flames are a huge advantage.

How much does a pellet heating for a terrace cost?

The consumption is 3.5 kg per 2.5 hours, so this is 1.4 kg of wood pellets per hour. 1 kg of wood pellets cost around €1. The consumption of the pellet patio heater is therefore approximately €1.4/h.

To compare, a gas patio heating for the terrace consumes 2.5€/h infrared heater consumes 0.5€/h. The wood pellet heating is the most ecological choice.

ATTENTION SAFETY : this patio heater can only be used outside. During combustion CO is produced which is highly toxic. This is away with a little breeze, however indoors this can make for one CO poisoning.

The Sigi pellet patio heater, Odin pellet stove and Odin plus consume about 900h/hour.

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets

The fuel in our pellet patio stoves are wood pellets, made of wood and wood waste (sawdust). Pellets in wood are small sticks and depending on the color they contain pine (light brown) or oak (dark brown).

Characteristic of pellets is a very consistent composition, which means that combustion takes place very evenly and is therefore well controlled. This ensures a high efficiency.

The advantages of pellets is the easy storage, It high efficiency (so you need little), it ecological aspect and the almost smokeless combustion. READING TIP : What are wood pellets?

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Frequently asked questions about patio heating with pellets

Qube pellet patio heater flame

No smoke due to clean combustion

The flame in a patio heater with pellets is large because a fan at the bottom fuels the combustion. This extra oxygen from the fan ensures pure, clean combustion. That is why this type of patio heating causes NO smoke.

In concrete terms, a patio heater not only provides a nice large flame, but also a strong heat development and therefore a lot of heat and no smoke.

The SPIN table fire also uses this technique but the fuel with this one table heating is Bioethanol.

Co poisoning symptoms in pellet patio heaters

Only use pellet heating outdoors

Yes, when burned with a flame of coal, gas, petroleum or wood (wood pellets) at the pellet patio heaters, inadequate combustion in combination with too little oxygen will form carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide can cause CO poisoning. 

After all, the carbon monoxide mixes with the air and you breathe it in. Due to a lack of oxygen in your body, CO poisoning can occur.

So only use the pellet patio heaters OUTSIDE on a patio, covered patio, or in an open pool house or tent. Make sure there is always good ventilation.

You can recognize CO poisoning by the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • breathlessness
  • pass out
  • dizziness
  • loss of consciousness
  • headache

If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning from a pellet patio heater; ventilate immediately and leave the room.

TIP : only use our pellet patio heaters OUTSIDE or in AIR SPACES (open tent or covered patio)

More info at Poison Control Center.

The most important The disadvantage of a patio heater is the more expensive price for the time being than the conventional one patio heating with gas or the electric infrared heating.

The cause of this more expensive price are for the moment mainly due to the use of more sustainable materials such as powder coated steel and the design. Like for example the FARO pellet patio heater.