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Outdoor showers for the pool, pool house or jacuzzi

Garden shower

A outdoor shower in the garden ensures that less dirt, such as grass, ends up in the water. When you always take a short shower before swimming, the first dirt is always washed off your body.

An outdoor shower is both useful for pool filtration and pleasant for the swimmer. It also ensures that you do less pool chlorine need to disinfect the pool water.

It is also useful to rinse the chlorinated water or swimming pool water with salt after swimming.

When you have the outdoor shower near it pool house it is also possible to work with hot water. If you only want to freshen up in the summer, then the handy garden shower that can be stored is a good idea. These garden showers for the garden are very easy to connect with a garden hose clutch.

A garden shower is refreshment in the garden in 1 – 2 – 3

The big advantage of a shower in the garden is the simple connection. You can connect it with a garden hose coupling and so you can place the shower where you want. In the grass, on it swimming pool, next to ours spa baths or eg to pool house. So you really use these showers in 1 – 2 – 3.

Frequently asked questions about garden showers

There are 3 ways with a ground pin or a weighted foot.

  • The first way are garden showers equipped with a ground pin to fix it in the grass or the earth.
  • A second way is with anchor bolts in the terrace tile or a piece of concrete
  • 3rd, other garden showers have a heavy round or square base.
Ground pin Outdoor shower Excel
Floor mount black outdoor shower

With the Tradewinds showers, this is for example in wood with grooves in between, such as the Trade Winds Cascade or the Trade Winds Show'r. This way you don't have your feet in the mud and the water can drain neatly between your toes and the wooden planks, very handy. A tip here is to use a gravel tray in the shower to allow the water to seep neatly into the ground.

There are 3 methods to keep your garden shower frost-free during the winter.

  • Store, this can be done with a light shower that can be easily moved, such as the SEA Levantine.
  • The shower equipped a frost protection like with the JEE-O All weather frost free with the Original design shower.
  • The last method to protect your shower from frost damage is to drain the water by using them to empty. This is very similar to what you have to do with taps or, for example, a garden sprinkler system. By turning on the taps and freeing the connection at the back of the shower, the shower can drain. If there is no more water in the shower, it cannot freeze to pieces.

You can go 3 ways warm water obtained in a shower in the garden.

  1. On the basis of a connection of HOT and COLD water and a mixer tap on the shower
  2. Immediately water tank In the shower which is heated by the SUN
  3. Via a thermostat mixer which sends pre-mixed water with a temperature of eg 30°C to the shower

It seems obvious, as with a shower in the bathroom, you can also connect hot and cold water to many outdoor showers. However, getting hot water to the shower is not so easy. This can usually be done with a double-walled insulated sanitary pipe up to the shower. If this pipe departs from the house, this is not easy. If the management departs from a pool house, for example, this can sometimes be done more easily and over a shorter distance. In that case, you can use the hot sanitary water, heated by the boiler.

The 2nd option is a lot easier to connect. In fact, you ONLY need to provide cold water near the shower. You can work with a piece of garden hose from the tap to the shower. In that case, the connection can be made with a garden hose coupling. The water in the black reservoir heats up due to the heating of the sun. In this case, make sure the shower is in the sun. This is how you get the greatest return. An alternative DIY solution is a piece of black Socarex tube between, for example, the plants. In this pipe the water will also be heated by the sun. You can then connect this to the shower at the connection point for the hot water.

As a last option you can work with a thermostatic mixer. This is a mixer tap that the plumber can place in the home or pool house. This mixer will mix the cold and hot water to a specific temperature. This “lukewarm” water of eg 30°C can then take you to the garden shower. In this case you cannot regulate the temperature, but you always have lukewarm water instead of cold water.

There are 2 types of connection for the garden showers. The current connection of the shower happens with a garden hose coupling.This connection is PLUG & PLAY and super simple. As a 2nd method there are dnext door showers for outside with a connection with screw thread.

When the threaded connection is in an inch size, a connection box is included with the shower, such as with the JEE-O showers or the AQT Black outdoor shower.

You place the box in the concrete or pavement where the shower will be. You can then connect the hot and cold water during the installation. The coupling is like a normal sanitary connection in an Inch thread size, 1/2″ (Half inch). In it, a wire size of 1 inch (male thread) has an outer diameter of 33.25 mm and a core diameter of 30.29 mm. For 3/4 inch that is resp. 26.44 and 24.12mm. For 1/2 inch that is 20.96 and 18.63 mm. (Inch thread gauge Wiki)

The garden showers always come with clear and well-arranged installation manuals.

Garden hose coupling connection Showr
Solar outdoor shower connection
Serpentine garden shower 10

Yes, black showers for in the garden, on the terrace or at the pool house are anyway a trend. 1 of the first showers with a black coating was probably the JEE-O Soho shower. Quite quickly, as early as 2012, it came onto the market according to our iconic brand SEA. With their completely rethought garden hoses and garden showers in then 4 colours, white, black, fusha and green were an instant hit. Meanwhile, black showers and white showers are still common. The other colors have since disappeared from the range.

Another beautiful design shower in black is the AQT Black outdoor shower. This is our best-selling black outdoor shower.

The Solar showers are also usually black showers. We have a separate product category with our Solar showers.

Here is an overview of the black showers

The price of a shower for the garden starts from 50€ for example one garden shower from Gardena with a grass picket. This is the simplest model that you can typically find in supermarkets or DIY and garden centers.

There is no installation cost for the garden showers that are connected to the garden hose. For the showers that get stuck on a terrace or, for example, at a pool house, you must use the installation cost from the plumber, which we estimate to be one 350€ incl. VAT

The supply line from the pool house or the technical room of the home can also add up and cost about 110€/lm (without the excavation work to place the pipe under the ground).

If you install a fixed outdoor shower on a terrace, also include the shower plate + the drainage channel and drainage pipe for the water in the cost of the installation. However, this is exceptional. Typically, the water from an outdoor shower can simply seep into the ground and there are several simple solutions for this.

You don't have to take a garden shower in the open air not specifically provided with a drain. The water from the shower seeps into the ground, usually you don't really shower with soap or shampoo.

Do you have a permanently mounted outdoor shower that is installed next to the pool house, for example, with cold and hot water, where you really want to shower and wash? Then it is recommended to provide a drain in the terrace to drain the excess dirty water. You can also work with a permeable gravel tray.

Some outdoor showers have a foot like the Tradewinds showers. You can then place the outdoor showers on the water-permeable pebbles to allow the water to seep into the ground.

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