Spa vacuum cleaners

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Handy Sdad vacuum cleaners for the to polish, remove and vacuum up dirt particles in jacuzzis or hot tubs. Spa vacuum cleaners typically have a narrower suction mouth.

Spa vacuum cleaners for cleaning jacuzzis

The spa vacuum cleaners for jacuzzis or spas typically have a smaller suction nozzle. Some spa vacuum cleaners also have a flexible movable head such as the Vektor Junior.

This is how the vacuum cleaner works with manual control for the jacuzzi

This is how the vacuum cleaner works with manual control for the jacuzzi

A very popular spa cleaner is the spa manual vacuum plunger. You operate this manual vacuum cleaner for the whirlpool by pushing the piston up and down under water. Push this back and forth creates a vacuum making all picked up dirt can be in the hot tub.

The manual spa vacuum cleaner is multifunctional. You can suck up dirt with it, there is a filter inside. There is a spa net with a system for mounting on the wall and neat storage.

Spa vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery

Today there are many manual spa vacuum cleaners with battery. This is very handy, very easy to use, without a cable and extremely light.

The Vektro Junior comes with a handle, but you can also attach it to a telescopic stick, for example. This way you can manual vacuum cleaner also use in it swimming pool.

The battery of the spa vacuum cleaner needs to be charged for about 3 to 4 hours and you can then use it for 60 minutes.

POOL ALTERNATIVE : Would you rather have a fully automatic swimming pool robot for your swimming pool?

Keeping the jacuzzi clean is extremely important for clear and hygienic jacuzzi water. Disinfecting and keeping the water in a jacuzzi clean is the easiest with Spa products or the products of Aquafinesse.

Build-up spa pools are filtered with cartridge filters. It is best to regularly clean or replace these filter cartridges. Swimming pools are then used again sand filters.

Vektro junior vacuum cleaner 04

Multifunctional spa vacuum cleaners

Many of the spa vacuum cleaners are multifunctional. You can mount a net on it as with the manual vacuum piston. With the Vektro junior it is even possible to use it with a handle or eg to him mount on a telescopic pole.

Usually the multifunctional spa even has a vacuum cleaner an interchangeable head, e.g. a narrow or a wide, with or without brushes. This makes it possible to clean and vacuum every corner of the lounge seats of the spa or jacuzzi.