Swimming pool chlorine

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Swimming pool chlorine products for sanitizing / disinfecting your pool water. Chlorine ensures hygiene and crystal clear pure swimming pool water.

These disinfection products are available in different packaging and for larger purchases we use QUANTITY DISCOUNTS – the more chlorine you buy, the less you pay per unit. Available in :  —  liquid version  — chlorine granulate,  — chlorine tablets MTF chlorine 5 in 1 — or chlorine tablets without stabilizer.

More information and FAQs here : swimming pool chlorine information  –  information about chlorine tablets - Overview chlorine tablets you can buy

You can also have our liquid chlorine products for your swimming pool delivered to your home minimal additional shipping costs*. (* only in Belgium)

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Buy swimming pool chlorine at Life Is Better At The Pool.

Swimming pool chlorine

Buying chlorine online, is it safe?

Buy chlorine that is via a web shop safe? Now it is the case that these products are packaged very well and safely. Buying chlorine online is therefore safe! The chlorine products are always packed in a safety packaging that children will not be able to open.

At HTH they go one step further and there is even no contact between the chlorine and the skin. There is a plastic casing around the sticks that must remain around. In the canisters or buckets with chlorine granulate there is always a dosing scoop or there is a dosing cap.

The pool chemicals are getting packaged very securely and with care with bubble wrap and plenty of crumpled cardboard to absorb shock. Through our online shop order chlorine very simple, we also calculate quantity discounts on many products.


TIP : use less chlorine by showering before using the pool, for example with our outside showers.

Safely packaged and shipped pool chlorine

We'll take several precautionary measures to make sure everything is safe. Here's an overview:

  • the chlorine products are packaged in one sturdy packaging immediately clear label and safe for children
  • we sell only chlorine for swimming pools recognized by the Ministry of Health - You can recognize this by the B number or the NL number on the packaging
  • liquid chlorine we only ship with a specially recognized transport company from Overijse
  • we use extra thick sturdy cardboard packaging for sending chlorine and other swimming pool products

If an accident does happen, you can contact us POISON CENTER for urgent medical advice: 070 245 245

We believe that as a professional company we are also responsible for properly informing you as a customer. That is why we made several clear pages with all the information:

Advantages of swimming pool chlorine at Life is better at the pool

  • all pool is chlorine packaged securely with a clear Dutch label
  • all pool chlorine is RECOGNIZED (by Department of Health) chlorine for swimming pools in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • buy chlorine for the swimming pool goes fast, simple and always is delivery from stock
  • you can do it chlorine for your pool also come pick up in our shop.
  • the swimming pool chlorine is available in different packaging and for larger purchases we use QUANTITY DISCOUNTS - the more pool chlorine you buy, the less you pay per unit
  • the chlorine is available with us in all forms as liquid chlorine, chlorine granules, chlorine tablets MTF chlorine 5 in 1 with or without stabilizer
  • due to very large quantities chlorine we sell is the always fresh and with the highest concentration

We have been selling since the collaboration with Willy Naessens Swimmingpools NV only high quality pool chlorine of the house brand of Willy Naessens.

How do I use pool chlorine?

How do you use chlorine granulate?
HTH chlorine granulate 10kg

Chlorine in powder or granules first dissolve in a bucket or watering can (warm) water. Then you distribute the dissolved concentrated chlorine solution in the swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Be careful when dosing chlorine granules directly into the bath. The high concentration can cause bleaching and white spots on the PVC liner of your pool.

In a swimming pool finished with tiles or mosaic or in public swimming pools, you can dose the chlorine powder directly into the swimming pool.

Chlorine tablet skimmer

You place the swimming pool chlorine in tablet form in the skimmer of the swimming pool. With built-in swimming pools, this skimmer is built into the wall of the swimming pool. Do you have a built-up swimming pool (you) can you with one floating skimmer work to dose the chlorine tablets in the pool water.

All information about chlorine tablets and TIPS about their use can be found on our chlorine tablets info page.

Here's an overview of all chlorine tablets you can buy.

Due to the concentrated chlorine water solution, skimmer baskets in the skimmer quickly break. You can create new ones buy skimmer baskets here.

AQT Liquid chlorine lost packaging 2023 col

We sell liquid chlorine in canisters of 20L. These buses serve exclusively for automatic dosing systems. The liquid form of pool chlorine is not the most highly concentrated product (this is HTH Chlorine granulate), but it responds the fastest. The reason for this is the speed at which the water dissolves in the pool water.

It liquid chlorine is very suitable for (semi) public swimming pools such as in hotels, physiotherapists or wellness centers. Our liquid chlorine has a B number and is recognized as biocide class A by the Ministry of Health. It can therefore be used for swimming pool water disinfection.

From a safety risk it is absolutely not recommended to liquid chlorine to be dosed manually.

More explanation about chlorine tablets and chlorine in general through these videos.

How our customers rate our swimming pool chlorine.

Henry - Tuesday, September 11

Do not want to use any tablets other than the 5 in 1 chlorine tablets. With these tablets I no longer have to worry about the quality of my swimming pool water, chlorine and pH levels are always ok

Highly recommended as well as the service of Life Is Better At The Pool, fast and correct !!


Good quality chlorine tablets and fast shipping.


Quality: very good, stable, 8.5x3m pool, 12h pump per day, 10 months of swimming in a year, I need about 1 stick per 7 days.
Price: surf away, practically the same price everywhere
No risk of overdose due to slow release.


Liquid chlorine delivered as promised. Good and fast service as always.

Can I collect pool chlorine?

You can collect swimming pool chlorine and swimming pool products in general from the 3 shops of Willy Naessens Swimming Pools NV.

  • Willy Naessens Swimming Pools - Oudenaarde
  • Willy Naessens Swimming Pools - Overijse
  • Willy Naessens Swimming Pools - Shots

In these 3 stores are the swimming pool products, the liquid chlorine and pool chlorine available for collection. You can pay in these stores with BC/MC.