Measuring probes

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Measuring probes for measuring the pH value/acidity of the swimming pool water, the chlorine value or the redox value.

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What are electrodes used for?

Measuring probe

The different applications of measuring probes

Measuring probes (also known as electrodes or probes) are used to automatically measure the pH value (acidity) or the chlorine value of the swimming pool water.

The measuring electrodes are used for automatic treatment of your swimming pool water. This automatic water treatment ensures crystal clear pool water. There are several possible water treatment systems for your swimming pool.

The best known are the automatic ones dosing systems and the salt electrolysis. For measuring chlorine / redox and pH salt water you need special measuring pins.

The best known measuring probe is a pH meter. This meter contains a pH electrode, also known as a pH measuring probe.

Are measuring probes interchangeable?

Many brands make electrodes with their own color or brand name. In general, you can replace this measuring probe with an unbranded or a standard (usually much cheaper) electrode.

The 2 criteria that determine whether you can replace a pH electrode, for example, are:

  • The shape - the diameter is the same as a standard electrode
    • Iwaki or eg Hayward have electrodes with a larger diameter and cannot be replaced by a standard electrode
  • Salt electrolysis or not. Sticks that are used to measure the pH value or the redox value in salt water cannot be exchanged for standard measuring probes.

What types of measuring probes are there?