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Give your pool a different color!

Swimming pool water dye

Water dye for coloring swimming pool water. 6 different colours. Both for FUN as for eg executing leak testing or flow testing in public swimming pools.

Fun with coloring for swimming pool water

It can be very seeming to give the water of the swimming pool a different color during the next pool party or the next birthday party.

The dosage is quite low 180ml for 100m³ (100000L water). The product is safe, non-toxic and will not color hair or bathing suits.

Dye for a flow or leak test

You can also use this test for a "flow" test. For example, you can add dye to the pool water and time how long it takes until all the pool water is completely colored. In this way it check if there are any dead zones that may be poorly disinfected.

The dye can also clearly show where there is a leak in the swimming pool and is used by known leak detection companies.

Watercolor applications

  • pool party - both private and public a halloween party or summer pool party
  • leak detection, eg with a leak detection with dye in a swimming pool
  • flow detection with dye in a public swimming pool
  • Coloring water in fountains

Make colored swimming pool water clear again with chlorine

The colored pool water can make you clear again with a chlorine shock. You can carry out the chlorine shock with e.g chlorine granulate or liquid chlorine.