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Spa accessories

Spa accessories

Spa accessories to create the ultimate relaxation with your spa. By smells and headrestn until maintenance accessories. Everything is available in our range to make the experience even more enjoyable.
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Buy spa products online

We have been selling swimming pool products online since 2005. In our webshop you will only find quality products, mostly brand products that have been sold in the swimming pool or spa industry for a long time. Buying spa products online fast, is simple and become your products delivered to your home for free. The spa products, will be packed very firmly and securely for shipment with the parcel service.

Are all online swimming pool products delivered to your home?

We cannot always ship heavy products free of charge. You can always buy swimming pool products and spa products online, but it is best to collect heavy or hazardous chemicals from us. Collections can be made every working day from 9 am to 5.30 pm or, for example, on Saturdays from April - September in our warehouse.

What are the most commonly used jacuzzi accessories?

Manual electric vacuum cleaners are a very useful tool for keeping your spa clean. Also the filter cartridges must be replaced regularly in order to continue to guarantee clear water.

The accessories for the jacuzzi that are sold the most are the Spa Traps. The Spa stairs grey is the most sold. The Spa handle and the Spa cover lift systems are also useful tools for easy storage of your jacuzzi cover.

For the inflatable spas, the spa seats are sold a lot. The headrests are also great accessories for your spa.

Spa products for public or private pool?

Generally used in private spas Chlorine pastilles or the AQT 20g spa chlorine tablets, chlorine granules, products to correct the pH value (acidity) and flocculant. In public wellness centers the same products are used but in liquid form. These spa chemicals are automatically dosed with dosing pumps.

Spa cartridge filters for clear jacuzzi water

To maintain crystal clear water in your jacuzzi, it is best to use the replace the cartridge filter regularly (every 2 to 3 months). Handy and widely used is the AQT cartridge filter cleaner and the Spa cleaning comb to clean the cartridge filters. This way you can extend the life of the cartridge filters that filter the spa water.