Garden wagons

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Garden wagons and garden carts for vexperiencing things in the garden as wood, tools, the picnic basket or the pillows from the sun lounger to the pool. Beautiful multifunctional sturdy design trolleys and garden trolleys for the garden.

Garden trolleys, design garden trolleys for transporting garden equipment

In a garden, around one swimming pool or around it pool house it can be very useful to have a garden cart at hand. Just think about it transport some wood for the garden fireplace, fire bowl or stove in the pool house. We have included pull carts and hand trucks in our range, which we ourselves are very charmed by.

These are the features of our design garden trolleys

We did not opt for an ordinary little devil, but for beautiful design garden carts which may also be "seen". The Tradewinds Wagon is a real trendsetter! you can get it in different design colors. Or how about the Wagoon with aluminum raised edge. A real design car for the garden made of top quality materials.

Our carts for the garden are multifunctional

You can use the design trolleys or the multifunctional garden trolley for many purposes. No more lugging heavy stuff. You can use it for:

  • transporting firewood in the garden, e.g Wagon with wicker basket
  • transporting one crate of beer or a wine box, eg with the J.Ack hand truck
  • bring one straw bale to your horse in the meadow
  • transport the cushions there from the loungers to the pool house
  • are the kids tired, you can also transport them in a playful way
  • suitable for there bring stuff to the beach or your boat
  • transport there vegetables from the vegetable garden or fruit from the tree hearth along
  • the Weltevree trolley hand truck is both one wood storage like a handy one trolley.
  • being multifunctional pull carts

garden wagons made of top quality material

Characteristic of our garden carts, garden carts and hand trucks is their beautiful design and the use of sustainable materials. They are made of aluminium, lacquered steel, water and weather resistant plywood or glass fiber reinforced plastic. The fabric is acrylic, rot - UV - water resistant. The wheel bearings of the Wagon are eg closed bearings that are used in mountain bikes, the wheels are All Terrain inflatable tires.