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Swimming pool robots make it cleaning your pool much easier. In addition, a pool cleaner provides a additional filtration of the pool water independent of the filter installation.

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At Life is better at the pool you will only find swimming pool robots  the very best robot brand DOLPHIN so that you can be sure of quality: Dolphin pool robot This is the most trusted brand in the industry.

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(3)  1.999,00 incl. VAT
(12)  1.999,00 incl. VAT
(3)  725,00 incl. VAT
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(1)  1.949,00 incl. VAT

But how do you choose one of the best pool robots from the wide range?

First and foremost, you have a choice between a manual pool vacuum cleaner and a automatic pool vacuum cleaners. The manual version is cheaper to buy, but as the name suggests, you have to operate it manually. The ease of use is therefore lower.

On the other hand, you hardly have to worry about an automatic robot for your swimming pool: it does the work all by itself.

by an automatic So when you buy a swimming pool robot, you opt for the greatest comfort.

With us you will only find swimming pool robots from the best robot brand Dolphin so that you can be sure of quality: Dolphin pool robots

Do you want your pool cleaner to be simple control via an app on your iPhone then you choose the Dolphin S300i. Or rather a wireless swimming pool robot model? Then take a look at the Dolphin M5 Liberty. Each and every one of them is a strong model, each with its own specific advantage.

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We are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice to help you choose the best swimming pool robot. You can count on Life Is Better At The Pool to always have swimming pool robots for sale that are tailored to your swimming pool.

Useful information about pool robots

Life Is Better At The Pool, the best choice for your pool robots

But also for pool robot parts you can contact Life Is Better At The Pool. Brushesfilters or other parts: with us you will find it all. In short, if you are looking for a robot to clean your swimming pool, you will come to Life Is Better At The Pool for the best advice, the best quality and a competitive price.

  • We already sold more than 500 pool robots
  • Since Since 2005 we are swimming pool specialists and we test many devices
  • We repair up to 10 dozen robots per year
  • In our showroom we have a test pool where robots can be tested
  • We sell filters, brushes and all others components
  • We always have 10 units in stock
  • We are not just one online store but you can also visit us physical store for advice

Dolphin pool robots, the top brand since 1983!

Dolphin Diagnosis 2001

Dolphin swimming pool robots from the manufacturer Maytronics The reference in the swimming pool industry. Maytronics has developed many devices over the years. In 1983 it started with the well-known Dolphin Diagnostic in the iconic colors red, yellow and green.

The Tigershark is still a similar variant that we sell a lot. A cheap solid and durable device. It does its job and that's it! Maytronics bets on 2 tracks, the original DOLPHIN pool robots and private label pool robots for major players and distributors in the industry.

Dolphin - Maytronics pool robots are considered THE reference in the pool industry.

A market analysis shows that Maytronics has almost 50% of the swimming pool robot market.

Below one market share overview of Maytronics:

Market share Maytronics - Dolphin pool robots

Maytronics - Dolphin market share

Overview of the market share in the swimming pool robots 2021-2022

Dolphin pool robots a clear overview of the Dolphin ranges

Dolphin M series of robots

Comparison Dolphin pool robot M series

Dolphin M series of robots

Dolphin overview M400 - M600 - M700

Dolphin series S pool robots

Comparison Dolphin pool robot S series

S series of Dolphin robots

Comparison Dolphin pool robot S series

Dolphin's E line robots

Comparison Dolphin pool robot E series

Dolphin's E line robots

Overview of Dolphin's E-line swimming pool robots

Overview Dolphin BIO swimming pond robots

Comparison Dolphin pool robot BIO series

Dolphin Bios

Comparison Dolphin pool robot BIO series

(12)  1.999,00 incl. VAT
(1)  1.949,00 incl. VAT

Dolphin Wave professional range of robots

Comparison Dolphin pool robot WAVE series

Dolphin Wave professional range of robots

Overview and features of the Dolphin Wave range of professional series robots

Dolphin Private Label pool robots

In addition to the pool cleaners of the Dolphin brand itself, Maytronics makes private label devices for automatic swimming pool cleaning for many large players. Examples of this are :

  • The Dolphin ZENITH range (SCP)
  • Dolphin Sopra pool cleaners (Sopra)
  • Dolphin Active (Pomaz)

Life Is Better At The Pool only sells Dolphin swimming pool robots. In addition to selling the devices, you can also contact us in Oudenaarde to see the devices or for advice. We also provide service on the robots and sell a lot pool robot parts.

After the construction of your swimming pool, cleaning and water treatment are the most time-consuming activities. The result is not surprising that many swimming pool owners are considering a swimming pool robot and automatic water treatment. With this info page we have tried to collect all the information about these automatic pool vacuum cleaners.

What is the difference : Dolphin E series vs Dolphin S series vs Dolphin M series?

Comparison Dolphin pool robot E - S and M series

Comparison Dolphin pool robots

Comparative table of the Dolphin Pool Robot Ranges

It difference between the Dolphin pool robot "series" is them in the application by :

  • The Dolphin E series = BASIC pool robots
  • Dolphin S series = SIMPLE in use and LIGHT weight pool robots
  • The Dolphin M series = the TOP appliances with all the latest gadgets and exceptional top quality.

If you want a Dolphin brand swimming pool robot that only cleans the bottom and with a low purchase price, then the Dolphin E20 pool robot suitable.

Are you looking for a robot for the swimming pool that is very handy and easy to use? Then, for example, the Dolphin S200 or S300i a very good choice.

If you only want to buy the very best Dolphin swimming pool robot, then the Dolphin M700 the latest and most efficient device.

Where can I have my Dolphin pool robot repaired?

You can have your Dolphin swimming pool robot repaired at our robot repair service in Oudenaarde. As one of the largest dealers in the Benelux, we are one approved Dolphin repair service. If you want to have your swimming pool robot repaired, you can submit a request through us Repair request.

To have the device repaired, bring it to Oudenaarde (Westerring 37 9700 Oudenaarde). A few recommendations before you bring the device to us:

  • Bring the robotfilter basket and the transformer inside (we don't need the cart and the cover)
  • make sure you have the purchase invoice on hand for easy processing
  • clean the device and the filter before you bring the pool robot to us for repair
  • Ideal is if you have the device before or after the season brings in, during the season the recovery time can increase

DO YOU KNOW : we repair (almost) all appliances IN HOUSE, but an immediate repair in the store is NOT possible. For the repair of the pool robots we call on the repair service of Willy Naessens Swimmingpools NV, which has a recognized repair point.

How do I optimally enjoy a hygienic and clean swimming pool?

You can make it yourself with an automatic pool vacuum cleaner easy. It maintenance of your pool is done automatically with a pool vacuum cleaner. This robot cleans the bottom, the walls and the waterline.

In addition, the filter in the device ensures a additional filtration. As a result, the sand filter is less heavily loaded and you save water. Due to the extra turbulence caused by the aircraft, your pool water also better disinfected and therefore purer.