Solar shower

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Showers for the garden with a built-in water reservoir. The water in this reservoir is heated by the sun. This means that you can also shower with warm water in the garden with our Solar showers. Super easy to install and so you don't have to bring hot water to the garden.

USEFUL : at the bottom of this page more info and FAQs about the solar showers

INFO and FAQs about our solar showers

How much water can a solar shower hold?

How much water can a solar shower hold?

A solar shower has a reservoir with a capacity of starts from 15L. With this you can Take 1 to 2 showers with water at 30°C. Warming up takes about 2h if the shower was placed in full sun.

The amount of hot water in a solar shower depends on the model. The cheapest solar shower for the garden has a reservoir of 30L in the base; this is our SUNNY Solar shower.

The solar shower with the largest reservoir is our Solar outdoor shower with foot sprinkler. This has a water reservoir that is heated by the sun of 35L : Solar outdoor shower 35L with foot sprayer.

How does a solar shower work?

A solar shower has a water reservoir in a black tube, bag or foot. By the irradiation of the sun heats the water in this reservoir on up to 60°C. Through a mixer tap the hot water from the reservoir can be mixed with the cold water to a pleasant one shower water temperature of eg 30°C

Warming up takes about 2 hours. With a reservoir of 15L you can already take 2 short showers with water of 30°C.

Below is a schematic representation of how our Sunny Solar Shower works.

sunny solar shower operation 02