Terrace heating


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Heating for the pool house and on the terrace

Partly due to the Corona virus, staying outside got an incredible boost. People rediscovered life outside in the pool house or on the terrace, an evening at the pool, enjoying a glass of wine together around a wood stove or in the lounge chair in the pool house by the pool. To enjoy a wonderful late summer evening for longer, people provide patio heating.

What exactly is a patio heater?

We understand patio heating a powerful heat source, for example an infrared radiator or gas burner that produces a lot of heat (>2000 Watt) to heat the people around. This heat source is only for outdoor use in a pool house or on a terrace

Why can you only use a heater for the terrace outside?

The heat sources for pool houses are usually too powerful for inside or out not safe to enter to use. Sufficient air circulation is necessary for everything to run safely. For example, also with a gas burner. Some heat sources for the pool house also produce smoke (e.g. the garden fireplace). With a flue and a safe roof terminal you can discharge the smoke to the outside. The patio heaters are suitable for use in various applications.

The different applications for the terrace warmer

Can you also use a patio heater indoors?

You can enter the house do not usually use a patio heater. The main reason not to use pool house heaters indoors is the risk of fire or danger CO poisoning. There are, however, a number of exceptional options. Eand infrared terrace heating  can also be used in a the pool house or eg in an outbuilding. For some wood-burning stoves we sell flues to safely go through a roof. This roof terminals are double walled. So would you, for example the wood stove can use as heating for in a cabin in the Ardennes for example.

What types of patio heaters are there?

There are 4 major categories of pool house heating. Namely; wood stoves, infrared heating, gas patio heating, pellet patio heating. Here's an overview:

  1. Garden fireplace - usually a wood stove with a short flue
  2. Infrared heater - for on the wall/ceiling, standing radiators, hanging models or for example on the table
  3. Gas terrace heating - the most famous heating for the terrace with propane gas
  4. Pellet patio heating - easy to use, stylish and energy efficient

What is the best outdoor patio heater?

If you want to heat a terrace outside in the garden, then the most  powerful heating with Gas, the gas terrace heating has a very powerful power up to 14000 Watt. Also the very powerful garden fireplace heating is very suitable for an open terrace. The large amount of heat will be partly lost through the open space, but still powerful enough to give bystanders a warm feeling. Less powerful heating systems are not so suitable for open spaces.

What is the best patio warmer for a covered patio?

When a terrace is covered with a pergola or, for example, a covered terrace on one pool house several terrace heating systems are suitable. Our preference is for the electric infrared heaters. You can attach it to the wall or ceiling, mount it on a stand or hang it above the table. The connection is simple. The wind has no influence on the warming, making it feeling of warmth very well felt is. Another ecologically responsible alternative patio heating is the Pellet terrace heating. These pellet heaters for the terrace have a very nice design and are in addition very economical and energy efficient.