Swimming pool robots all information and FAQs.

Swimming pool robots ensure a hygienic swimming pool.

Swimming pool robots LS Dolphin M700

With several of our pool robots do you keep your pool always immaculate. After all, you want to swim in clean water, so a robot pool cleaner is indispensable. He cleans soil and walls thorough, provides extra filtering of the pool water and is also very user-friendly. In addition, it creates more turbulence in the pool water and thus for a better distribution of the chlorine in the water. This makes the pool water even more hygienic.

Here is a summary of the advantages of the robots for your swimming pool:

    • Filters the pool water
    • Polishes walls and floor
    • Polish the waterline
    • Ensures additional circulation and better disinfection

Frequently asked questions about pool robots

    • Do you want one BASIC pool robot; then choose the Dolphin E20 to buy
    • Do you want a LIGHT and SIMPLE swimming robot; then choose the Dolphin S200 pool robot
    • Is only the BEST pool robot good for you; then buy the Dolphin M700 robot for your swimming pool
    • Have a (semi) PUBLIC pool or eg a wellness center; then buy one Dolphin Wave 100 on for best results
    • Do you want to keep your SWIMMING POND clean; then buy the Dolphin BIO swimming pond robot

Maytronics – Dolphin makes robots for every application and organizes the devices in SERIES. Many private labels are also made (Dolphin Zenith series, Dolphin Sopra series, …). The applications that Dolphin distinguishes are the BASIC, TOP, BIO and PUBLIC series. There are specific series of Dolphin pool robots for sale for each of these market segments.

We have made it easy and clear for you in our selection help page: How do I choose the best pool robot for my pool. in 10 easy steps we help you choose the best robot for your pool. The question is how much budget you want to spend, but also whether you want a robot with or without a cart, with or without remote control, with a filter basket or a filter cartridge. All information to make the best choice can be found here.

A pool robot is sufficient for you for the maintenance of your pool. It to polish of your pool with an automatic robot can you improve by :

  • the time of cleaning to set and to extend
  • you can use the device specific parts such as the pool edge or the bottom extra brushing
  • the pool robot filter can to replace be done by eg a finer filter
  • Through combined brushes to assemble
  • choose a robot with extra fast rotating brushes

To obtain a perfect result and a crystal clear and clean swimming pool, let the swimming pool robot do its job the day before.

Another tip is to clean the filter again after every cleaning. This ensures that the robot filter lasts longer and that the pool is cleaned better.

Swimming pool robots are extremely suitable for maintenance of your pool. A robot takes care of a lot comfort so that you no longer have to vacuum the pool manually.

TIP : Can't see the trees through the wood anymore? Be well informed with our decision aid: How do I choose the best pool robot.

Swimming pool robot Hayward Aquavac 650

A robot for the pool vacuums, makes the bottom clean, catches the dirtl out of the pool and will the clean the walls and the waterline.

    • a chaste robot will be in the first place vacuum
    • with the rapidly rotating brush the bottom to clean
    • as a result, the dirt is collected through a filter and the robot works completely independently of the sand filter installation.
    • the device will then cleaning walls and the waterline. The result is that you keep the pool perfectly clean.

  1. Step 1 – Determine your budget there are already robots from 699€
  2. As a 2nd step – choose one brand Hayward–Zodiac– Dolphin
  3. The 3rd step – select the length of the cable : diagonal of your pool is sufficient
  4. Step 4 – Determine the fineness of the filter: filter bag, filter basket, filter cartridge
  5. 5th step – which brushes, foam brushes and combined brushes for slippery pools, rubber brushes for all others
  6. As a final 6th choice – choose a robot with or without APP

Need help choosing a robot? Contact us!

GUIDE FOR THE BEST POOL DROBOT : How do I choose the best pool robot for my pool?

Zodiac Vortex pool robot filter

There are 3 types of filters, filter baskets, filter cartridges and filter bags.

Here is an overview of the different robot filter techniques:

    • Filter basket 60 – 100 – 200µ
    • Filter cartridge / cartridge / cartridge up to 5µ
    • Filter bag 20 – 100µ

The advantage of the filter basket is its simplicity in use. Zodiac developed the vortex technique in 2010 and this technique is further applied to Zodiac's new Alpha series.

As a result, the filter clogs less easily and the pool vacuum cleaner retains its full power.

The Tigershark was the first device with a filter cartridge / cartridges / cartridge. In the meantime Dolphin has improved the filtering technique and in the Dolphin S robots double filter basketn used. The robots of the Dolphin M series are still equipped with the filter cartridges, but already double (4 per device)

The first type of swimming pool robot filter system

One of the first filter types were the filter bags. The Cybernaut NT is just about the most sold robot vacuum cleaner with a filter bag, but the Dolphin Magic is also a popular swimming pool robot with a filter bag. That is why these can still be reordered in our webshop.

A number of interesting novelties are coming our way. We already had the Dolphin S 300I that can be controlled with your Iphone. A swimming pool robot with a smartphone APP allows you to use the APP on your smartphone set the cleaning cycles of the pool robot and give you feedback on the use of your robot vacuum cleaner.

The Dolphin S300I was the first device worldwide that you can operate via your iPad or iPhone! In the meantime, many manufacturers have followed this example and several swimming pool robots are already available with an app control.

We must establish that the manufacturer of the Dolphin pool robots Maytronics remains the forerunner in the field of innovative swimming pool robots with very good quality properties.

Yes, these swimming pool robots are a second breakthrough innovation; namely robots devices without cable. At the moment, the robots are still connected to the transformer via a cable. The first devices with batteries have been on the market since 2019, since the beginning of 2021 there are more devices with batteries. Dolphin is also the forerunner here with their Dolphin M5 Liberty. Recently this robot was replaced by the new one Dolphin M5 Liberty, now available in our online shop.

In summary, you can expect these novelties:

    • App control via smartphone and tablet
    • Swimming pool robots without cable or with a short cable and a battery
    • Artificial intelligence ensures that the robot improves its cycle by means of scanning
    • Filter full indication and elevator out systems
    • Lateral thrust of the robot

If your pool robot does not climb, it can several possible causes to have. There may be a problem with the water quality, causing algae growth on the walls. This makes the walls smooth. Another cause may be that the pool cleaner has the wrong brushes.

The possible causes of not climbing at a glance:

    • The water quality is not good, the pH value is too low/too high, there is not enough chlorine
    • Walls are smooth, this is common in swimming ponds
    • Brushes that are on the pool cleaner wrong
    • The robotic filters is in the device constipated

How can I solve the climbing?

    • Test the robot without a filter, does the pool vacuum now climb?
      • If so, it is best to replace the filter
      • If not, try one of the other solutions
    • Get the water quality right
      • the pH value we recommend is 7.2
      • the redox/chlorine value must be above 700mv
    • Give a chlorine shock if the walls are slippery or if the redox/chlorine value is too low
    • If you have a swimming pond, it is best to kill the algae with zinc oxide
    • In a swimming pool with a smooth surface, eg mosaic, it is best to use the brushes with extra grip, such as the miracle brush rings or e.g. the miracle bruches

If the swimming pool robot still does not climb after all these tests, there may also be a problem with the driver. If this is the case, it is best to request a repair. This can be done via the repair request.

READING TIP : Make green swimming pool water clear

It seems simple, but in general a swimming pool robot not so easy cleaning the steps of the pool. The rule is simple, the shorter and lower the surface the robot has to drive on, the harder it will have. So this means that the pool robot will climb and clean more easily on LONG and HIGH stairs then on short and low stairs. Many HDPE plastic swimming pools also have a small overhang at the stairs. This “obstacle” will also make it slightly more difficult for the robot to climb the stairs.

TIP : Clean the dirt from the stairs with a wall brush and a telescopic stick in the pool. It will whirl down where the robot can then suck it up nicely.

Some pool robots such as the Dolphin S300i are prone to “float”. This is caused by the fact that the equipment is becoming increasingly lighter to make the pool cleaners more user-friendly. The lighter the robot for your pool, the easier it is to use the faster it will tend to float.

A 2nd CAUSE is the presence of air in the robot or in the wonderbrush pool robot brushes. These wonder bruches provide extra grip but when dry they contain air. The SOLUTION is she wet well and squeeze them so that they absorb enough water. She is the solution to get the air out of the device tilt properly when using it underwater for the first time.

A known problem with swimming pool robots is the cable becoming clogged. You can prevent this by buy a device with a “swivel”. Here's the overview the pool robots with swivel. This is a system that rotates the cable and prevents it from becoming entangled.

With the older pool robots such as the Tigershark you have to move the handle every time you use it. For example, the device rotates once to the right in the pool and the next cycle the device turns to the left. This prevents nesting of the cable.

With newer devices, this is sometimes solved programmatically. With this method, the program ensures that the robot turns left and right the same number of times and thus prevents adjustment of the cable.

You can extend the life of a swimming pool robot in 4 simple ways. An automatic pool vacuum cleaner is an expensive device. Proper maintenance ensures that you can enjoy this robot for years to come. A pool robot can last up to 10 years if you take good care of it.

    1. clean the pool robot after each use with tap water or rainwater, this way you prevent the chlorine or salt water from the swimming pool from having an effect on the device
    2. rinse the filter basket, cartridge filter or filter bag of the swimming pool robot after each use and in this way prevent dirt from accumulating in the pool robot filter
    3. use a cart for your robot and store it with a protective cover about the device
    4. release the robot in the pool water for as short a time as possible sit and use it not at a temperature below 15°C

The lifespan of a pool robot is up to 10 years. A average lifespan of a pool robot will be 7 years. Depending on the brand – Dolphin pool robots last longer due to their better quality. Depending on how well you maintain the swimming pool robot.

Dolphin pool robots we repair. This ensures that you can enjoy using your robot for a longer period of time. Moreover, the repairs of Maytronics robots are very affordable and this also benefits the service life.

There is a 2 to 3 year warranty on the Dolphin robots. Then we can restore them for years to come.


Is a swimming pool robot easy to use?

Hayward Aquavac 650 filter basket

A robot for cleaning your swimming pool is very simple. The time when the pool technician has to come by to program the robot is far behind us. In other words, put the device in the water and let it do its job, the programs, the operation, cleaning the filter, remove the device from the water. Virtually all tasks have been greatly simplified.

It emptying the filter of a robot is very simple nowadays :

  • The filter is located at the top of the appliance - so you no longer have to turn it over and prevent damage to it
  • The filter is usually a filter basket. These are extremely easy to rinse with the garden hose
  • Many devices nowadays contain a FILTER FULL indication, for example an LED or, for example, via the APP on your smartphone
  • The filters also usually have a much larger capacity compared to the past

You can also have most new robots, for example, only clean the bottom or, for example, let them work longer with a simple operation. In addition, many swimming pool robots can also have the waterline cleaned extra. It modify of the brushing time or the program has become super easy.

Removing the device from the water is also becoming easier. Zodiac and Dolphin ensure that the pool water flows out of the device quickly. In addition, most pool robot machines have a Lift Out button and the device comes to the edge of the pool.

In summary, we can only confirm that the use of a swimming pool robot has become extremely easy.

Jochen – Shop responsible

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