Spa disinfection

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Spa disinfection for disinfecting your spa. This is necessary to guarantee healthy water quality. Also to extend the life of your spa. For example, you will prevent the formation of bacteria in the pipes. Our best-selling spa sanitizer: Aquafinesse water care SPA set

Why do I need chlorine at a spa?

Why do I need chlorine at a spa?

There are now many ways to treat water without direct chlorine. Including one ozonator, UV lamps and salt electrolysis are commonly used systems in spas. These systems ensure less chlorine use/consumption. However, it is still important to disinfect sufficiently.
In a spa, the temperatures of the water are much higher compared to a swimming pool. The higher the temperatures, the faster bacteria formation is possible.

When there is a salt electrolysis system in your spa, you no longer have to administer direct chlorine. The salt electrolysis system produces chlorine based on salt in the water.

What is the difference between stabilized and unstabilized chlorine

Stabilized swimming pool chlorine is based on Trichloro or Dichloro, difficult words for the current chlorine tablets or chlorine powder that you can find in every department store or in every swimming pool shop. Unstabilized chlorine, also inorganic chlorine, does not contain CYAN ACID. An excess of cyanuric acid stabilizer can block the effect of your chlorine. (Read all about blocking the chlorine through over-stabilization here)

There are 2 types of NOT stabilized chlorine:

In public swimming pools it is MANDATORY to work with unstabilized chlorine.


Buying chlorine online, is it safe?

Is buying chlorine via a web shop safe?
Now it is the case that these products are packaged very well and safely. The chlorine products are always packed in a secure packaging that children will not be able to open. At HTH they go one step further and there is even no contact between the chlorine and the skin. There is a plastic casing around the sticks that must remain around. The canisters or buckets with chlorine granulate always contain a dosing scoop or a dosing cap.

The pool chemicals are always packed very safely and carefully with bubble wrap and plenty of crumpled cardboard to absorb shocks. Ordering chlorine through our online shop is very easy, we also calculate quantity discounts on many products.

Is maintaining a spa difficult?

To be fair, we have to say that maintaining a spa or jacuzzi does require some work.

First you need to correct the pH

You can do this with pH plus for spa and pH minus for the spa. Usually these are liquid products in 1L canisters. The dosage is simple and the measurement of the pH can be done with a Spa pH meter.

Afterwards you disinfect the water of the jacuzzi

You can disinfect it with Chlorine, Ozone or Bromine. Bromine is very useful because it works well at a slightly higher pH value. in a jacuzzi you quickly have a too high pH due to the small water volume and intensive use.

The easiest way to maintain a spa

The easiest, simplest way to treat a hot tub can be done with the Aquafineness ALL IN ONE kits for SPA. These are super handy boxes with everything in them, specifically developed for the maintenance of whirlpools and hot tubs. Moreover, it is Aquafinesse super handy because it prevents a biofilm in which dirt gets stuck. This makes the maintenance of a Spa extremely easy and stabilizes the water quality.

Aquafinesse makes maintenance easy and ensures perfect water quality.