Water analysis

Swimming pool water analysis products for checking the water quality of your swimming pool.

Swimming pool water analysis products for water control

Water analysis products for measuring the quality of swimming pool water. pH meters, chlorine meters, photometers, probes and test strips. Large assortment.

Measuring the pH value of swimming pool water with a pH meter

The PH value of the pool water is the most important metric. If the pH value or acidity of the pool water is not correct, the disinfection will not take place properly.

what is the best pH value of water in a swimming pool

The best pH value of water for a swimming pool is pH 7.2 - 7.3. This is almost neutral pH acidity.

What is the best method for pH measurement

The best water analysis method for the pH value is a measurement with a Pocket pH meter. This digital meter measures with a pH probe and is fast, simple and accurate.

The chlorine measurement in a private swimming pool with a chlorine meter

The chlorine measurement in a private swimming pool is usually done with test strips. This chlorine analysis for swimming pools is the fastest, but not the most accurate. The most accurate chlorine analysis in swimming pool water is the photometric measurement of chlorine. You can perform this chlorine water analysis with a photometer. Here you can find our very extensive range of photometers for water analysis. Our assortment chlorine meters includes RX pocket meters or photometers for free chlorine or the fully automatic Ondilo for pools or Ondilo for spas.

Thermometers for temperature measurement in swimming pools

Buoy thermometer
Buoy thermometer

If you want to measure the temperature of the swimming pool water, this can be done with a floating thermometer for continuous measurement or with, for example, a Pocket meter that, in addition to other water analysis (pH - acidity), usually also measures the temperature.

Handy is the buoy thermometer that you can place in your skimmer lid or that floats on the pool water surface.

With swimming pools you can usually read the temperature in the technical room.

DO YOU KNOW! the temperature in the technical room is only CORRECT if the circulation pump actually circulates the swimming pool water. If this does not work, measure the temperature in the stagnant water in the technical room. This is of course not the water temperature analysis of the pool.

Photometers for private and public swimming pool water analysis

The most reliable and accurate analysis of your swimming pool water is of course done with a photometer. We have small pocket photometers for the analysis of various parameters in swimming pool water:

  • Free chlorine photometer
  • Pocket photometer for
    • Copper water analysis
    • measurement of alkalinity in swimming pool water
    • Iron analysis in swimming pools
    • pH meter with a photometer
  • Photometers for public swimming pool water measurements
    • the Lovibond PC CheckIT
    • Hanna Pocket photometer

Photometers for measuring swimming pool water are rather cumbersome in use. The results of this analysis are well the most reliable analysis results.

Measuring probes for automatic swimming pool water treatment systems

What we as a company really specialize in due to our years of experience as a swimming pool builder are the measuring probes. For all swimming pool dosing systems that we sell and install ourselves, we have replacement probes for pH measurement, chlorine measurement or free chlorine measurement.

The most sold electrode is the pH plastic electrode with BNC coupling.

We have measuring electrodes for most major brands of water analysis dosing systems and salt electrolyses

  • Hanna Pool security
  • Pole Basic
  • Watersens
  • Sugar Valley Control station
  • and many more dosing systems.

The cheapest water analysis method: test strips

The fastest, easiest, cheapest but also least accurate measuring method for the analysis of swimming pool water are the test strips. There are many types of test strips. Most test strips are multifunctional and measure different parameters of the water such as chlorine, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, pH value, etc...

Test strips are usually packaged in tightly closed jars. After all, moisture is the great enemy for test strips. If they get wet, the test strips will no longer measure accurately or will be lost. The shelf life of measuring rods for swimming pool water measurement is also quite limited, which means that they are quickly lost.

Also the sun can test rods for water measurement degrade and disable.