Garden benches

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A garden bench we see almost every pool garden or pool house. There are many beautiful, functional and incredibly beautiful garden benches. Below is an overview of our range of garden benches.

A garden bench is a handy resting place in the garden

It is very convenient to relax in a nice place in the garden, to enjoy the view or to warm yourself by the garden fireplace. It can also be useful in a pool house for example to put bath towels on or clothes if you take a dip in it swimming pool  or want to enjoy a hydro-massage in one of our spa baths.

What materials is a garden bench made of?

Benches for the garden are made of durable and weather-resistant materials such as Corten steel and hardwood, eg for the seat. In general, they are also nice designs and are multifunctional sofas. For example, you can store wood under it, so your sofa is suddenly one wood storage. Very useful if you place the garden bench near a garden fireplace, for example.

USER TIP : a garden bench is twice as attractive to sit on with our beautiful sheepskins. We have them in white and also brown sheepskins.

How high is a garden bench?

A sofa made for outside, in the garden, on the terrace at the pool or for example in the pool house usually between 40 and 50 cm high. This is an ideal seat height and, for example, also the seat height of an office chair (52 cm) or a bench for the dining table (50 cm). Some garden benches have "legs", others are flat on the ground. If you like to clean under it, don't forget to choose the garden bench model with legs.

What is the length of a garden bench?

You can choose the length of your garden bench yourself. So the bench fits perfectly into the design of the garden or pool house, with the table or with the garden fireplace. Our shortest garden bench is 49cm and actually more one seating furniture. The longest garden bench that we sell is 200cm long.

Multifunctional bench for the garden

You might not think it, but many garden benches are multifunctional. So many have garden benches place at the bottom to stack wood, ideal if you have the bench in the garden with a fire bowl sets. This way you have the firewood for the garden fire immediately at hand. Tradewinds, one of our favorite workshops, has developed a suitcase that serves as a cool box or, for example, as a picnic basket; the Fresh'r. The Fresh'r cool box garden bench also has a little brother that you can use as a side table, for example; the Stool***. This one is also inside one cool box and you can sit down. The height is 40 cm and you can sit on it perfectly. The lid is finished with Thermowood, the outside with fabric, available in different colors, super chic!!