Swimming pool salt

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Swimming pool salt for salt electrolysis swimming pool water treatment systems and for chlorozon devices from Ospa.

Swimming pool salt for salt electrolysis in swimming pools.

For disinfecting swimming pool water salt electrolysis systems used with pool salt

    • Salt granules add to the pool water. Immediately electrolysis cell the salt electrolysis will disinfect the pool water.
    • The salt tablets are for use in a reservoir. Using a concentrated salt solution, you then make hypochlorite or chlorine gas using a electrolysis membrane.

3 types of electrolysis treatment

Swimming pool electrolysis can be done in different ways. It is the most known method adding salt to the pool. The salt water passes through a cell that produces hypochlorite for the disinfection of the swimming pool water. With these systems, the bags of salt granules or salt tablets are added to the pool water.

A 2nd method is the production of hypochlorite and injection into the pipe to the swimming pool. In this method, the salt tablets topped up in a reservoir. The most well-known system is the Chlorozon system from Ospa. Marina salt tablets are used for this. Extremely pure salt tablets, specially developed for swimming pool water purification salt pool.

It is a 3rd slightly less known technique injecting a saline solution (HCL - Hydrochloric acid electrolyte) in a cell where hypochlorite is also produced. The most well-known systems with this technique are the Soprazon systems or the Apuri E.

Can I use road salt or table salt for my swimming pool electrolysis?

No, you cannot use this for swimming pool water electrolysis.

Table salt contains components that are used during electrolysis, e.g. discoloration of the liner can cause and is not suitable as swimming pool salt.

Sprinkle salt then contains impuritiesn that are bad for health. So always use the pure pure salt, specially developed salt for swimming pool water electrolysis.

How can I buy swimming pool salt?

You can order swimming pool salt online. We have special very sturdy and extra thick cardboard boxes, especially for sending swimming pool salt and filter media.

When you order large quantities, we arrange delivery with DHL Pallet transport. For the time being, large quantities cannot be shipped with our parcel service.