Pool toys

Pool toys for fun and enjoyment in the pool. Inflatable toys, water pigment and diving games. Also the super cool inflatable unicorns from Floaty and a completely new range of Aqua fitness devices.

Pool toys - an overview

  • Toys for the pool is more original year after year! A while ago, the inflatable Flamingo was a real hype, as was the inflatable unicorn. Because these were shown on TV a few times, everyone suddenly wanted these pink toys for the pool. We have 10 numbers inflatable toys.

They were featured on various Instagram accounts at BV and Dutch celebrities.

  • We also sell the dyes - initially these are intended to detect leaks in swimming pools or to control flow in swimming pool water. Nowadays these colors are also used to color the pool water during a party.
  • In addition, the pool diving games very fun and ideal to let children dive more and easier.

Toys for the pool in the form of inflatable animals

The inflatable animals for the pool are by far the best-selling pool toys. The most famous are the pink floating Flamingo, but also the unicorn and the GIANT Duck inflatable duck are super cool.

In addition, we also sell an inflatable parrot and an inflatable swan. The nice thing is that it is funny, fun is guaranteed if you give this pool toy for a birthday or a pool party, for example.

You or the kids can also lie on it to sunbathe. These toy animals are also INSTAGRAM proof ;-)

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Our latest new addition are the GOLD-COLORED inflatable toys for the pool from Sunvibes. Super COOL.

In the golden color we now have :

  • An inflatable duck in gold for the swimming pool
  • Inflatable seat in the golden color
  • Floating mattress for swimming pool water
  • A golden seashell that you can blow up
  • Bracelets in gold for the youngest kids
Inflatable animals
Pool toys

Teach your child to dive better with diving games

Diving game overview
Diving game overview

diving games are ideal for helping children dive better and longer. But these puzzles and underwater games are also suitable for schools and diving clubs.

Also the diving rings for in the swimming pool are a classic and kids find super cool water games.

Aqua Couleur water dye

Swimming pool dye for leaks or fun in the pool

Go crazy and color the pool water purple or pink. These dyes are not harmful given their extremely low dosage. These water dyes were initially intended for flow control or leak detection in swimming pools.

The Aquacolor dye can be used for swimming pools, fountains, leak detection. Both for private and public swimming pools. Ideal for going crazy during a pool party, garden party or birthday party.

Aqua fitness - swimming, cycling and sports in your pool

Playing in the pool, that's also a bit SPORTS in the pool. Aqua fitness is THE new trend. What started with an Aquabike has now become a full range of pedal boats, swim trainers, etc.

Recently we also offer one pool basket on and a floating volleyball net to be able to play basketball and volleyball (or badminton) in the pool.

Water volleyball