Welcome to our BBQ category, where you'll find everything you need for your next poolside BBQ garden party. We offer a wide range of BBQ supplies, from charcoal to kamado and everything in between.
We have provided our range with products and appliances for the seasoned grill master, but also for an occasional BBQ'er.
We have BBQs in different price categories from one Kettle BBQ from 90€ to the beautiful White Fire plancha BBQ from 1500€.
Discover our different BBQ categories:

The ultimate outdoor barbecue experience with wood fires

Tripod Barbecue Tripod 02

Delicious smoky flavor from the wood barbecues.

For those who love the taste of one wood-fired barbecue, our wood barbecues are the perfect choice. Characteristic of the BBQs with wood fuel is the authenticity. Just think of the fire bowl with tripod.

Our BBQ range comes in modern or traditional styles. Most wood barbecues have several. Both portable and large size BBQ's.

Barbecues that you can light with wood are made of sustainable materials. With several of our Wood BBQs you can enjoy the authentic taste of wood-fired grilled meat and vegetables in your own backyard.

outdoor log BBQs

Discover our charcoal barbecues

The most sold and current coal BBQs

The simplicity and the traditional smoke flavor, have ensured that the BBQs with charcoal or coconut briquettes are the most used in our region.

Our charcoal barbecues are in line with this trend and are available in different sizes, modern or traditional styles, portable or large catering BBQs. The most characteristic here are the Kettle BBQ and the Kamado barbeque.

Enjoy delicious grilled dishes with our barbecue models in the garden on the terrace, at the swimming pool or at the pool house.

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View our extensive range of kamado barbecues

Kamado bbq

Kamado barbecues THE trend

Kamado barbecues are THE trend of recent years. Big Green EGG set the trend with these ceramic BBQs. The use of these ceramic barbecues by renowned chefs has contributed to many people bringing this culinary experience to their homes. 

The Kamado is therefore the culinary all-rounder among the BBQs. You can grill, smoke, bake pizza, make dust pots, prepare spit and much more.

We selected the Kamado's from the OUTR brand. Our choice for OUTR ceramic grills is obvious, given their large offer, years experience and ample stock.

Compare the different kamados here

The plancha for the garden or on the terrace at the pool house.

White fire plancha BBQ atmosphere 02

Healthy BBQ experience with our planchas

Choose consciously healthy food and still want to enjoy the typical outdoor barbecue cosiness, then our planchas what you are looking for. You bake the vegetables, meat or fish on a flat (stainless steel or cast iron) plate. 

This can even be done without adding fat and without contact with the flame. OFYR has set the trend here in recent years. In our product range we have the qualitative White Fire BBQ and OUTR brand planchas.

Nice BBQs in our offer are the multifunctional ones Hofat's Cube and the Höfat's bowl. This fire pit and fire bowl you can also equip it with a baking tray. This way you can also easily have your hot plate BBQ in 1-2-3.

Our flat plate barbecues have a grill grate that you can also grill in the flame.

Plancha healthiest outdoor cooking fire

Gas barbecues

Gas barbecue

Fast and tasty grilling

Who want to grill quickly and deliciously without the hassle of lighting coal or wood, a gas barbecue is the best thing to do. With these BBQs with butane or propane gas you can turn on the fire with the push of a button and immediately start grilling.

Our range of gas barbecues includes small and large models made of sustainable materials. Gas barbecues are mobile and lightweight. This makes them extremely convenient to store or move. 


All handy barbecue accessories

Accessories, grates and accessories for barbecues

With many of our barbecues we offer a cover on, can you do it grill grid buy separately or do we have useful accessories such as. 

The range also includes the handy ones heat protective gloves and the leather apron from Weltevree, the Dutch outdoor design brand. 

The eye catcher is the The Blow Poke and the The Ax Chopping Ax from Wünder, a Belgian outdoor design brand.

Discover all handy BBQ accessories

Herbs to fully enjoy delicious dishes and delicious scents

Barbecue spices

Delicious fire herbs

Here you will soon be able to find fire herbs, smoke chips and much more. 

Coming soon