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A bluetooth speaker has become mainstream. All speakers have one bluetooth function for it stream your music via smartphone, tablet or laptop. This Bluetooth connection ensures a wireless connection between your source and the speaker, without interference.

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Want to know everything about bluetooth speaker?

What exactly is a speaker with wireless Bluetooth may not need much explanation. Nevertheless, we provide a little more explanation to help you on your way to buying the best bluetooth speaker.

What is a bluetooth speaker?

bluetooth is a wireless connection between electronic devices at close range. So a Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that is wirelessly connected to another electronic device to play music. So this portable speaker is very mobile, you can take it with you everywhere and always work with one battery.

For example, the best-known application is the wireless headset that is connected to your mobile phone. The wireless speaker is therefore connected via a Bluetooth signal with your cell phone to stream music. This music from your smartphone can come from all possible APPs such as; Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple music, Deezer, etc...

But you can also stream sound from YouTube, TV, Netflix, etc. through the speakers from a TV with Bluetooth or a laptop.

How does a wireless speaker work?

Fortunately, you don't have to be a techie to easily use these speakers without a cable. A mobile phone or table recognizes the bluetooth devices in its vicinity and the connection these days is incredibly simple and automatically. Once the speaker with bluetooth has been recognized, this will happen automatically in the future when you are near the portable box. If you have several speakers nearby, you can easily choose the right device on your smartphone via the Bluetooth settings.

Bluetooth more than just speakers

Bluetooth applicationsIn addition to wireless speakers for outdoor use, Bluetooth has many other applications. Your smartwatch or your printer are also linked to this wireless connection.

Another application in the swimming pool industry is the wireless connection with Bluetooth between the swimming pool robot and your smartphone. This pool robots with APP can then be controlled via your mobile phone. Via this wireless connection you can also activate or deactivate the status of the filter, the operating time or, for example, different times and functions.

So also for one pool robot you can therefore rely on this wireless connection if you come close to the device.

Which bluetooth speaker to buy?

multifunctional bluetooth speakers

Every effort is made by the manufacturers to make their Bluetooth speakers as multifunctional as possible. There is a long list of fun features that make the bluetooth speakers very fun and useful. We'll pick a few for you.

Luminous speakers

Nowadays, a lot of patio speakers have a handy light function. The Art Sound Lighthouse is the most beautiful lantern bluetooth speaker. It is available in red and black. For the LED lamp, slide out the top piece and you have a nice one table lighting. You can dim the LED lamp or even choose a color. The strong sound that comes from this bluetooth box is phenomenal.

bluetooth boxes in stereo

The Soundcast speakers can you in no time pair. Your sound will then sound in stereo through 2 or portable Bluetooth boxes. This function is very useful, for example for a bistro terrace or for example in the pool house or at the sun loungers by the pool. With Artsound there is the handy KISS function where you hold 2 speakers against each other for 5 seconds and they are paired in no time. Most major outdoor speaker brands have that feature on their range.

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Bluetooth garden speakers as a power bank

Artsound developed the Lighthouse bluetooth speakers with a sturdy battery. With the mini USB connection you can connect your mobile phone to the battery for charging. In this way you can use the Bluetooth Lighthouse from Artsound as a power bank. This way, streaming your music is not compromised by an empty Smartphone battery.

Escape P9 with APP via bluetooth

Escape won a lot with his P9 design prizes and awards, the list is very impressive (Awards Escape P9) . This handy APP function makes the wireless outdoor speaker extremely suitable for a terrace of a restaurant, a catering terrace or in a club room. It can also be used, for example, at an event or at a trade fair stand. You can Escape P9 speaker remote control. Plus there's a handy one LOCK function Note that no one can turn off the device with the buttons, for example, or increase or decrease the volume. Super handy for the design enthusiast who wants just that little bit more.