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Inflatable spas are a practical and budget-friendly alternative for expensive fixed spas.
A very nice device for the garden or on the roof terrace. They can be placed inside yourself.
Taking it with you on a week abroad is also possible because you can build them up in 15 minutes.

We can also assist you in the water treatment of the spa and advice in the choice.

Convenient and cheap inflatable spa

Inflatable spas are one welcome alternative to the classic spa in the garden or on the roof terrace. They preserve the most important feature of the spa.
Namely nice warm water with massaging bubbles. The simplicity of the quick installation makes the inflatable spa very unique. In this budget-friendly price range, the quality has been maintained to the maximum. So this is the ideal stepping stone to an expensive luxury spa.

How do I best place an inflatable spa?

You place an inflatable spa on a stable surface preferably with a soft protective underlay. vthen you inflate the spa or place the mousse blocks in place. After you have zipped together the corresponding outer and inner liner, you can use the install motor/filter pump. The installation is plug & play. To extend the life of the seals, it is recommended to rub some grease or lubricant on them. After 15 minutes the spa is ready to fill.

To place a build-up spa or inflatable spa, there are always handy instructional videos available together with the clear manual.
If anything is still unclear, our employees are always available for advice through various channels such as our chat, telephone exchange and social media.

What is the Electric Cost of an Inflatable Jacuzzi?

An average Intex inflatable spa contains electrical components that together consume around 3000 watts per hour. This spa consumption includes 2200 watts for the heating, 800 watts for the circulation pump. This is the theoretical maximum consumption.

When the test is put to the test for 3 weeks, we notice a average daily consumption of 5 - 6kW per day. With the current energy price, an inflatable spa consumes an electrical consumption of an average of €0.15/kwh x 6kWh = €0.9/day.

Often people wonder about the cost of such items.
Due to the many options and types, this is not easy to determine. This calculation also depends on many variable factors. Namely how often you want to use the spa, the outside temperature,energy supplier etc.

Tips for lower energy consumption of your inflatable spa

Of course you have certain elements in your own hands.

  • The spa, of course non-stop heating, you choose this yourself according to the frequency of your use. The filter pump will have to run a bit more for the water quality, but fortunately it is more economical in consumption.
  • It is also important not to let the heat be lost through a good location of the spa. Out of the wind, in the sun, for example under a covered terrace
  • Make sure you lose as little water as possible
  • Cover the inflatable spa properly.

In frequently used periods you can use our heat cover to cut your consumption in half. You can easily add a minimum amount to your water daily, this can be done together after checking the water and adding your disinfection products.

How should you best maintain an inflatable spa?

Our employees are always ready to support and advise you in the maintenance and treatment of the water. Much information can already be found on our product pages. Here we repeat the most important steps of healthy swimming pool water.

  • A stable and correct PH value is of great importance to have an optimal disinfection of the water.
  • This disinfection (chlorine) ensures the removal of bacteria and algae formation.
  • Very important it is to the spa change water on a regular basis. At least once every 3 months.
  • Also the cartridge filter do you have to clean or replace regularly.

Accessories for the inflatable jacuzzi

Numerous accessories are available on our webshop and in the showroom too waregem. Are you looking for maintenance products or accessories that are not on our shop? No problem, let us know and we will look for a suitable solution for you.

An overview of the useful accessories

Inflatable spa with fast after sales service