Garden heating

Garden heating with IR (Infrared) patio heating, a garden fireplace, fire bowl or a fire pit. Heating in the garden provides cosiness and warmth.

Heating for the garden and on the terrace

Partly due to the Corona virus, the outdoors received an enormous boost. Many people rediscovered life outside in the garden, an evening on the terrace, enjoying a glass of wine together around a fire bowl or in the lounger in the pool house by the pool. To enjoy a summer evening or a wonderful late summer evening for longer, garden heating is provided more regularly.

What exactly is a garden heater?

What exactly is a garden heater?

We understand garden heating a heat source, fire pit, infrared radiator or gas burner that solid portion of heat (>2000 Watt) to warm you in the vicinity. This heat source is only for outdoor use in the garden or on a terrace

Why can you only use a heater for the garden outside?

The outdoor heat sources are mostly too powerful for inside or out not safe to enter to use. Just think of a fire pit or a gas burner. Some garden heat sources also produce smoke (eg garden fireplace). The outdoor heaters are suitable for use in various applications.

The different uses for the garden warmer

Can you also use a garden heater indoors?

Usually you can not use a garden heater inside a home. Although there are a number of exceptional possibilities. So you can e.g an infrared terrace heating also use in one porch or e.g. in one pool house. There are also flues available to go through a roof for some of the garden wood-burning stoves that we sell. This roof terminals are safe. So would you, for example the wood stove can use as heating for in a cabin in the Ardennes for example.

What types of warmers for the garden are there?

There are 6 major categories of patio heating. Namely; garden fireplace, infrared heating, fire pit, fire bowls, gas patio heating, pellet patio heating. Here's an overview:

  1. Garden fireplace - usually a wood stove with a short flue
  2. Infrared heater - for on the wall/ceiling, standing radiators, hanging models or for example on the table
  3. Fire pit - different models with or without axle shell
  4. Fire bowls - round, rectangular, with or without wood storage
  5. Gas terrace heating - the most famous heating for the terrace with propane gas
  6. Pellet patio heating - easy to use, stylish and energy efficient