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Portable speakers are indispensable to your pool, on terrace, in the pool house or at your pool party. We offer some nice little outdoor portable speakers and even a portable one festival worthy speakers set for a Deejay or an event organizer .

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The convenience of a portable speaker

With a little music, the atmosphere is immediately good. The portable speakers are the solution for music at the pool house table, at the pool on a terrace or, for example, in a party tent in the garden. The bluetooth speakers with battery for outdoor use are THE ideal solution. The wireless outdoor speakers usually have a powerful battery with long service life. They can take a beating and be made of aluminum or UV resistant plastic materials. They usually have a high IP class, which makes them dust-tight and splash-proof. They can therefore withstand the splashing water of the designer shower or splashing water swimming pools. Discover our splash-proof IP55 or IP 65 (more info about the IP Classes) waterproof speakers.

Through your smartphone can stream your favorite music to the speakers with bluetooth. Some portable speakers even have an APP : Outdoor speakers with APP

What can you use a portable speaker for in the pool house?

The pool house loudspeakers or loudspeakers with a handle for the terrace have many applications. Everyone immediately thinks of the JBL Charge and the JBL Flipwidely known among young people. They are small gadgets that produce an amazing dash of music. Artsound also has his Lightbeats An affordable mobile speaker for sale, which will appeal to the youth. There are many design loudspeakers for the pool house that you can use for many more applications.

The different applications of the portable boxes are listed :

  • you can use them on a bistro terrace or at a café or bistro on the garden terrace
  • can be used on a covered pool house terrace, on the lounger of the swimming pool or in the garden
  • at the lounger set in the pool house
  • on the table in the pool house
  • in a student room
  • quickly set up in a party tent and quickly stowed away again
  • at the pool bar
  • at the fitness club
  • in the youth clubhouse
  • etc...

Multifunctional and portable speakers

Loudspeakers for the pool house are made by the manufacturers in such a way that they are multifunctional. The fun extra features are endless. We'll pick a few for you.

Luminous loudspeakers for the pool house

Many loudspeakers for the terrace are equipped with a light function. The Nordic D'Luxx is a punishment, it is beautiful designer speaker, An relief, can serve as illuminated flower pot or if rosé wine and champagne cooler / ice bucket. Available in Small, Medium and Large model. At the top of the LED lamp you can put ice cubes, use it as ice bucket and cool a delicious bottle of Champagne in it.

Mobile boxes in stereo

The Artsound Lighthouse with string as a handle can be used in no time with the KISS function pair. Your sound will then sound in stereo through 2 portable table speakers. This handy "pair function" is also available with Soundcast and Escape. This makes them very suitable, for example, for a catering terrace or, for example, at a pool house and at the swimming pool.

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Portable pool house speaker as a power bank

Artsound developed the portable Lighthouse with a sturdy battery. There is a mini USB connection where you can connect your mobile phone to charge the battery. In this way you can use the portable Lighthouse from Artsound as a power bank. This way, streaming your music is not compromised by an empty Smartphone battery.

Waterproof Nordic D'Luxx outdoor lamps with APP

The lamp/box/flower pot is the iconic patio box that serves as a portable speaker and champagne cooler, it's a beautiful design. The handy one APP function makes the movable loudspeaker that can withstand a splash, extremely suitable for a terrace by a swimming pool, in the pool house or at the coffee table. The Nordic D'Luxx is the best choice if you are planning to buy a portable speaker and are especially looking for a COOL speaker lamp.

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