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Wood BBQ appliances different format and for one big or small budget. THE authentic BBQ experience on a wood fire. DISCOVER our wood-block barbecues.

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More info about buying a wood BBQ

How do I choose a wood BBQ?

Opting for a BBQ with logs is opt for the authentic open fire experience and cosiness. You choose fun with friends and family. This is central. Being able to grill, bake and roast on these garden fires is a very nice added value. 

That's why most wood fire grills are usually one garden fireplace, fire bowl or fire pit. Added value is that accessories are provided to use the garden fire as a BBQ.

The options you choose from

  • choose one garden heater with wood, a fire bowl or a fire pit
  • current colours black coated or naturally rusted
  • movable or fixed
  • of grill grid or with baking tray (plancha BBQ)

Frequently asked questions about wood barbecues

Baking and grilling outside in the garden

On a BBQ with firewood can with a grid grilling, with the baking tray you can fry vegetables, meat and fish. If there is a baking oven, you can also make stews and prepare pizza. This can be done, for example, with the Weltevree outdoor oven.

Usually the BBQ's with logs have a grill. Think of a campfire where the wood barbecue originated. The focus with a wood BBQ is on the authentic cosiness around the fire. 

Wood block BBQs are based on garden fireplaces, fire pits or fire bowls.

Birch wood

Dry and hard wood

Ideal types of wood are BIRCH and BEECH wood. For grilling, baking and a open fire BBQ do you use quite hard and dry wood. The hard wood provides a high temperature and a slow combustion.

Dry wood ensures that you little smoke development have. If, on the other hand, you use wet and soft wood (for example, freshly felled pine), you will develop smoke, which is a nuisance when you are having fun around the fire with friends and family. 

Do you need to gather wood? Then look out for the broken wood of dead trees. 

Do you want to add extra flavor to your dishes? smoke chips. These are shredded wood chips typically made from, for example, barrels (liquor). 

The bigger one wood BBQs be through drop shipment delivered directly to your home. The smaller models such as the Höfats cube, for example, are delivered from our stock in Oudenaarde. 

Do you wish to pick up? Then quickly check with us whether the wood BBQ is in stock or when it is available in our store after purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood BBQs

Benefits of Wood BBQs

+ authentic cozy BBQ experience

+ suitable for grilling

+ ideal for marshmallows

+ easy to use

+ few attachments or accessories required 

Disadvantages of Wood BBQs

- a lot of smoke development

- does not go fast, creating the fire takes a long time

- usually not mobile, not easy to move

- no indirect heat

- direct contact with the flame (unless the planchas)